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The evolutionary transition among major groups of mammals is rarely illustrated so clearly.
Why this change has come about, and why the demographic transition happens in the first place, are matters of debate.
We'll probably need a phase transition of some sort to change that situation dramatically.
The transition to land brought major changes to the faces of our ancestors.
Get out now and you'll see a transition taking place.
The transition between stone path and tea house deck is over basalt steps that cross a koi-filled pond.
The artist captures the transition from wilderness to settlement.
We need to focus on how best to make the transition from the space shuttle to the space station to space exploration.
When humans made the switch from being hunter-gatherers to farmers, it was a revolutionary transition.
Yeah, we're literally in a transition, a management transition.
As it turned out, the anniversary coincides with the closing of one era in molecular biology and the transition to a new one.
It was instead perched on a side branch of bird evolution, a late vestige that hinted at a much earlier transition.
Sometimes, however, it is expedient to precede the topic sentence by one or more sentences of introduction or transition.
From this to a conventional condensed picture writing was an easy transition.
Animals not far remote from ordinary forms, prepare the transition from light to darkness.
From the novel of sentiment to that of terror, or of the far past, is a startling transition.
But from annual images to permanent images the transition is easy.
As someone who draws often, this made the transition from drawing on paper to the screen relatively easy.
When a flock turns in unison, it's a phase transition.
Returning to school and remembering how to study is not an easy transition.
The center scheduled a transition meeting with us both before and shortly after the transition to discuss issues.
And grasping the culture of the region will facilitate your transition and in some cases be dispositive.
You're vague on research because you need to make this transition even if you only want to teach.
But, as the article describes, the college admissions market is in the midst of the inevitable transition to electronic form.
The key question then is how to ensure that the end-destination is more acceptable, and that the transition is smooth.
Appoint a credible transition manager to help with the logistics, communications, and relationship-building of the interim period.
As postwar growth made the transition into stagflation, cracks began to appear in the foundation of the economy.
However, as they mature and their size and weight make tree climbing unwieldy, they transition to mainly ground-dwelling.
After establishing the broader outlines of this transition, researchers are now focusing on specific adaptations.
Paleontologists are now carefully studying the closest theropod relatives of birds for clues to how this transition occurred.
No theory completely explains this transition to intensive agriculture.
The transition from land to sea begins at the continental shelf, a gently sloping, submerged extension of the continent.
Located in a transition zone, where the dry forest meets the wet forest, the inn sits amid a lush tangle of trees and plants.
More nuclear, upgrade the grid, transition to electric vehicles.
One way round this is to look at records gathered before the demographic transition began.
The history of financial panics suggests this transition doesn't happen overnight.
Sceptics say the referendum was flawed, as it dealt with only a few articles, not the whole transition.
The transition from clearing to protecting, however, is occurring too slowly.
Of course, energy consumption and oil dependency are the little gains that will come from a transition to electric vehicles.
With a different medium come so many considerations as to render the transition a complete transformation.
He perfected the transition from recitative to aria-the thrilling transformation of musicalized speech into song.
There was virtually no mention of motive power for aircraft and ships, or how that transition would be made.
In other words, you have to make a transition from thinking about options to actually following through on a decision.
By varying the flow rate of the apparatus, the observer can witness a system's transition from predictable to chaotic.
Their researchers find that the best way to transition the nation to electrified driving is to do it in steps.
Of course, if none of the salons in your area have gone green, take it upon yourself to encourage them to make the transition.
There seems to be a transition between the kinds of diseases that emerge as places are urbanised into cities.
Although scientists have long observed and marveled at this transition, only now are they beginning to understand what causes it.
One sees a transition between the fixed behavior of individual atoms and molecules and the adjustable behavior of collectives.
As they get a little older they transition to learning from peers and teachers.
These metals switch from a temporary to a parent shape above a certain transition temperature.
Regarding the pipeline, natural gas as a transition energy source is not bad.
Opposite shoes on a vacuum left foot melt to identical socks with different transition energies.
We were not prepared to transition so early into a peacekeeping mode.
Subsidies should work for a while as the companies transition to installation and maintenance.
It seems to me that there are several aspects to the e-book transition.
The desktop metaphor helped make the transition from the familiar office with files and folders to the unfamiliar cyberspace.
In addition, we're going to need other energy sources besides solar to transition to a clean economy.
Currently, hybrids represent the transition or bridge between conventional combustion vehicles and electric vehicles.
The real economy has been in a state of wrenching transition for decades, and its dislocations have never been squarely faced.
The transition in steeplechase away from sportsmanship and toward hollow celebration is indicative of a broader trend.
Yet neither the upscale purchase nor the divorce was the biggest transition this vehicle represented.
Back then the transition was the shift from an agricultural to a manufacturing economy.
We see the transition between them in the scene on the stairs.
It also, as it happens, provides a smooth transition into politics.
Amid these worsening political problems there is the complex question of transition.
Their lives were in transition and she looked for signs.
The transition to digital books will be unsettling enough.
Their coyness is likely to continue until a political transition is consolidated.
These photos capture a moment of transition in a life.
In the short term a transition to renewables might reduce their companies' profit margins.
Instead we've used them bring down the cost of industrial meat production and incentivize a transition to a meat-centric diet.
And there is capital out there to help them make the transition to a more efficient fleet, if the trucks are available.
The global financial landscape makes such a transition relatively easy.
It's harder for me to see the transition to a non-growth-based economy.
There is no reason to expect what comes after to be an easy transition.
The transition from military to civilian life can be both exciting and challenging.
The open source transition is part of our commitment to transparency.
It beautifully illustrates the transition between small predatory dinosaurs and their bird descendants.
It's meant to look at the general principles that govern this transition.
Wolf-to-dog transition had little to do with humans, ancient skull suggests.
With the transition from scrolls to pages came the need for something to hold the leaves together.
Ice-nine was a satirical invention, but an abrupt, disastrous phase transition is a possibility.
It is as if the world instantly made the transition from one view to the next.
If a project in immunology is used to justify a transition to structural genomics my guess is it wouldn't be funded.
Scientists are still trying to figure out what it takes for a flu virus to make this transition.
The transition to the masterful flight that modern birds display has for decades been mostly a matter of speculation.
Any transition away from our debt-based system must be done in an orderly fashion.

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