transience in a sentence

Example sentences for transience

To remain with the transient is to be at peace with transience.
Traditional still-life painting was often used to represent the transience of life.
It supports a feeling of transience and anonymity, almost as in a dining room in a city far from your own.
From a tool of permanence and planning, zoning became an instrument of transience and politics.
Despite the apparent bedrock stability of the company he now works for, management still creates an atmosphere of transience.
Barzun began to appreciate the transience of civilization almost as soon as he learned what the word meant.
Many of the tipplers will weep at the beauty of the blossoms and the transience of life that they symbolise.
In investigating his own transience he invites us to investigate our own.
It can be a vision of more transience or more pointlessness.
In the car, that takes on more of a feeling of transience, moving at high speeds or stopped momentarily at a traffic light.
And this sense of transience is not unwelcome-it is merely defied for the time being.
Because of their transience and isolation, it is easy for these students to fall out of step academically and socially.
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