transgressive in a sentence

Example sentences for transgressive

Links literary and artistic depictions of peasants' clothing and transgressive behavior to elite anxieties.
The satire mag is gearing up for a new decade of transgressive skewering, this time as an animated sketch-comedy series.
He has always been interested in a mix of the traditional and the transgressive.
We might as well start treading on that transgressive turf.
But the film feels too formulaic and too familiar to produce the transgressive thrills of early underground work.
With a transgressive sense of humor, the artists in this joint exhibition invite us to peek into closets of various kinds.
In a different environment, this would qualify as transgressive brilliance.
It had cream, five eggs, sugar and a transgressive dose of salt.
Art by its nature is a transgressive act, and artists must accept being punished for it.
As it turned out, this actor-writer-director wanted some ice cream, another transgressive reward at the end of a big day.
And, granted, emotional cheating isn't nearly as transgressive as the physical sort.
She was a celebrant of transgression, but there was nothing transgressive about her writing.
Was deposited during a single transgressive-regressive cycle.
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