transgression in a sentence

Example sentences for transgression

Forgive me for my transgression and challenge my reasoning instead.
He admitted to his transgression and his only reaction was one of apology.
The transgression was not the complaint that the award had been given to the wrong writer.
Remarkably, these souls are sometimes awakened to a higher purpose by some inadvertent transgression.
And each transgression is punished with a verve and thoroughness that would do a slasher proud.
To dwell on it can be as much a transgression as taking leave of it.
As with any large group of soldiers, there has been the occasional transgression.
The only transgression mentioned was negligence, which cannot be the basis for a private claim.
The transgression was forgiven and an important lesson was learned.
She was a celebrant of transgression, but there was nothing transgressive about her writing.
Instead, he thinks that one transgression was actually fostering another.
He is sent to work in a mine as a result of his vague transgression, and the rest of the family is left to manage on its own.
Kids looking for cinematic transgression today have to get it on on the screen.
Her transgression with this one paragraph is nothing in comparison to the oceans of pointless snark in her work as a whole.
To say that his entire life will be destroyed for his transgression is a bit much.
By staging equipment in a benign midfield area, any danger of a movement area transgression was minimized.

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