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Example sentences for transgenic

Ditto for transgenic flies, cell lines, sequencing etc.
The engineered organisms scientists produce by transferring genes between species are called transgenic.
The cats are not transgenic animals-their genes have not been altered to make them less of an allergy risk.
The transgenic mouse thus created was much more sociable to its mate.
Then they can use the transgenic mice to figure out appropriate therapy for people.
The team has a variety of ideas about how to achieve this same effect in non-transgenic animals.
Another major area of interest is the use of transgenic animals for organ transplantation into humans.
Consumer resistance to transgenic food is high, part of a debate that is coming to life in courtrooms and online.
The scientists say this is the first example of a transgenic plant making an antibody that can fight an environmental toxin.
Controversial scheme might prevent transgenic spread.
Researchers already knew how to trade a single mouse gene for its human counterpart to create a so-called transgenic mouse.
Researchers caution that introducing transgenic mosquitoes into malaria-infected regions is years away.
Eleven days later, they sprayed the mosquitoes with different combinations of the transgenic fungi they had made.
To further investigate the gene and its impact on the body, the researchers studied transgenic mice with the introduced mutation.
For his fundamental contributions to the development and use of transgenic mice.
It is now possible to make transgenic quail and use them in genetic research.
Expression of antifreeze proteins in transgenic plants.
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