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The tipple crackled in the cold as the sun's heat left it, and on a pole beside it an unused transformer still hummed.
In a transformer, this reversing field induces a current in another coil around the same core, but at a different voltage.
Tesla's invention is, in essence, a rotating transformer.
The second transformer was now carrying a hundred and twenty-four per cent of its rated capacity.
It will be a transformer vehicle with completely independent flying and driving components.
Therefore, it seemed unlikely that it was a nearby electrical transformer.
It seems to me it merely describes that testing the supposedly functioning replacement transformer caused the leak.
Each star must be of frequency transformer to cause field and velocity rejection and escape.
When the brush is inserted in the base it completes the transformer, and energy is transferred magnetically through the plastic.
Voltage transformer kits are about the size of a paperback book and weigh less than a pound.
Nearly all newer laptops use dual voltage, which means you won't need a transformer to use your computer overseas.
Main thing is to have a sturdy frame to stretch the wire, and connect the wire to a low volt transformer.
Responding to calls of a possible blown transformer, police searched but found nothing.
Transformer shall be installed on a concrete pad as shown on contract drawings.
The high and low voltage compartments and the transformer compartment shall be fabricated by a single manufacturer.

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Man, became man through work, who stepped out of the animal kingdom as transformer of the natural into the ... more
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