transformational in a sentence

Example sentences for transformational

It was a transformational experience that will shape the second half of my walk through life.
Renewable fuel sourcing is the first part of a transformational process.
They are at best an incremental solution rather than a transformational solution.
The university's big thinking puts it well ahead of the pack for the transformational times ahead.
After all, decades of movies have convinced us that going to college is an electric, transformational experience.
In this lies a potentially transformational opening.
It is rare that a single building can be judged a transformational work.
Private-equity firms now wield much of the transformational power at the heart of the capitalist system.
The mining giants have instead concentrated on organic growth and smaller bolt-on acquisitions rather than transformational deals.
One way to treat this claim is as a mathematical claim about formal or transformational equivalence.
Giving a transformational presidential speech while trapped in politically toxic quicksand is no easy task.
Every period of upheaval needs a transformational leader.
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