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There are many people out of work, perhaps you can hire one of them to transcribe the videos for you.
Well, the idea is not to record the audio of the presentation so that later you can transcribe what was said.
Individual systems can play chess or transcribe speech, but a general theory of machine intelligence remains elusive.
Knight does not invent creatures of pure fantasy or transcribe his nightmares.
Our conversation was via phone, so the quotes below are paraphrased as best as my distracted brain could transcribe them.
The live mike also turns off easily, so the computer doesn't accidentally transcribe what you say to a nearby friend.
If you can, transcribe an episode and follow that format.
They transcribe your utterance and e-mail it to you.
We transcribe these interviews and identify concepts that might explain fishers' use of conservation technology.
Mediums who transcribe their conversations with the dead.
She perceived beauty but could not quite transcribe it.
Those who struggle with writing and spelling can dictate a research paper to a computer that will transcribe it.
It will even transcribe the voice mail into a text, although sometimes with funny results.
The body naturally uses methylation to turn genes on and off: the additional atoms block the proteins that transcribe genes.
The program relies on volunteers to transcribe segments and, occasionally, to translate foreign-language interviews.
Compose routine correspondence for officers and transcribe dictation from a digital system pool as directed.
Requires special equipment to record and transcribe interviews.
Every effort has been made to transcribe the correct spelling of the names and dates.
Requires special equipment to record and transcribe focus group discussion.

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