transactional in a sentence

Example sentences for transactional

Some prior contact is much better than simply forming transactional relationships on the fly.
Let us fashion a transformational existence, not merely a transactional one.
We are all commodities now, and destined in time to function as machines in a purely transactional system of use values.
In a perfect world, transactional attorneys would make all the money and there would be little or no litigation.
We want to move to a world where people use charge cards for transactional purposes, and personal loans for credit purposes.
It's not merely a flight to safety but a flight from transactional risk.
Not to mention transactional costs with the paperwork.
It also became apparent that while the upfront costs had gone down, transactional ones went up.
My practice has included transactional law as well as courtroom practice.
Cuevas is experienced as a litigator and as a transactional lawyer.
If it contains only transactional or relationship content, its primary purpose is transactional or relationship.
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