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It is a business transaction whether it is a prescribed medication or not.
Transcripts of surveillance recordings revealed a stark business transaction.
Consider transaction costs when buying and selling accommodations.
The optimal energy policy is one that separates the grid from the commercial business transaction.
The takeover will be the biggest such transaction in the oil industry in several years.
Another week, another transaction involving a for-profit online college.
His central insight was that firms exist because going to the market all the time can impose heavy transaction costs.
Each transaction is sent through a bank verification process.
These smart markets will reduce the transaction costs to near zero.
And if they don't, it doesn't matter: the transaction still works with a single card.
Probably, this would raise the transaction costs to the point where it would not be worthwhile.
Shane gave me personal attention to make sure the transaction was perfect.
The new model could be employed to help regulators lower transaction costs and detect irregular market behavior.
It was a simple retail transaction and the heavy credit checking work went on back at home on the customer's computer.
Yet everyone involved in the transaction benefits except the donor.
In that case you can use the economic principles of elasticity and transaction costs otherwise.
Taking all advantages from a transaction while pushing disadvantages connected to it to another group means exploiting them.
The intruder will, however, be able to see account balance and transaction history information.
Search for a keyword, and up pops how to attend to transaction reports, for example.
Its auditors judged that if the transaction went ahead the company would become technically insolvent.
Part of the success of this transaction is to cut costs.
The transaction is a collaboration of lies and self-deceptions.
One side of the transaction has more information than the other.
After a short discussion, then attempting the transaction again in the computer, a gift card was created with the correct amount.
However, a judge recently denied the regulator's request to halt the transaction.
It was the first such transaction that did not involve an insurer.
The result should be transaction times of less than four seconds, the company said.
The legendary investor says he did not have detailed knowledge of the transaction.
Square will make money by taking a cut of every transaction processed.
Now, they approve the purchase and tack on a hefty penalty for each transaction.
The transaction is expected to be completed in the first half of this year.
There should be some sort of transaction cost to grade review.
Which brings us back to that discreet transaction between two people in private.
The transaction is subject to the approval of the boards and shareholders of both companies.
When the gains made by winners in an economic transaction equal the losses suffered by the losers.
The accounting rule governing this is type of transaction is already quite clear.
Deciding which to go for partly depends on costs, such as transaction fees, and market liquidity.
Transaction and opportunity costs are well-researched topics.
As businesses, all criminal enterprises suffer from what economists call high transaction costs.
The transaction seemed worthy of its own small monument.
The entire transaction-from phone call to payoff-took no more than a week.
No account number ties the transaction to an individual, as it does when he transfers cash from bank checking to savings.
The tea seller learned to swallow his words, and eventually spoke only when he was engaged in a transaction with a customer.
There was a shadow of transaction between the demonstrators and the state.
In the world of human beings, even defeat is a transaction.
The shopkeeper then pulled a wooden shutter closed, as though to conceal the transaction.
The customer signs for the transaction using a fingertip on the phone's touch-screen.
Pending formalities, this will be the world's biggest-ever banking transaction by far.
Transaction costs are also likely to be lower than those for traditional payment systems, though they are not zero.
These include cuts in transaction taxes and even subsidies for homebuyers.
Even a payment by credit or debit card, or a mobile-phone billing account, ends up as part of a transaction with a bank.
The main reasons, he said, were imperfect information and the need to minimise transaction costs.
The hottest area of expansion is also, tellingly, the dullest: transaction services.
With transaction costs cut, prices for consumers were lower and profits for traders higher.
It then bet against it, earning fees on both ends of the transaction.
On the reverse side of the transaction, take the choice not to cover away from the insurance companies.
It will surely begin a transaction of major consequence.
He declined to disclose the purchase price, or other details about the transaction.
The provision of public goods involves externalities that cannot be contained within a market transaction.
And let's not forget the transaction costs of paper currency, especially for the poor.
When a client verifies a transaction, it forwards the details to others in the network to check for themselves.
If everything checks out, the retailer can purchase the drugs and record that transaction on the server, via his cell phone.
But over the past several years, the patent system's high transaction costs have threatened to offset its benefits.
Crucially, the transaction triggers an electronic receipt that is sent back to you.
Each transaction has a rider fee on it to cover the costs and wear of the equipment.
One politician throwing support to another: you can think of it as an economic transaction.
When you buy a stock, that transaction needs to be recorded somewhere.
Shares are pieces of paper physically delivered by the seller to the buyer three days after a transaction.
He could be sitting in the middle of a billion-dollar transaction.
In the commodity world, arbitrage can be a miraculous transaction, yielding an infinite rate of return.
Anas bought some coke, recording the transaction on his button camera.
Every time a citizen meets a bureaucrat, the two conduct a transaction.
There's another added benefit that variable tickets have over derivatives: lower transaction costs.
For renters, it's a stream of revenue that would have been harder to secure without a formal company to set up the transaction.
Enacting new financial transaction taxes or even more burdensome regulation will not be good for the economy in the short-run.
No party to the transaction had both the incentive and the ability to economize on care.
Now, there are arguments against this: means testing benefits raises transaction costs, for example.
If your currency zone is too small, you lose out on gains from trade, because of transaction costs and currency risk.
They raise the transaction costs on setting and meeting joint financial goals.
One of those conditions is that trader pay must be based on fees and a transaction's spread.
Yet, more often than not, these two kinds of parties are on either side of a derivatives transaction.
From the time the reader makes a selection, the entire transaction can be completed within minutes.
Apple didn't respond to a request to even confirm the transaction, much less provide any financial or strategic details.
The transaction is for an undisclosed amount of cash.
The tax rates in the drop-down menu below combine the state's transaction privilege tax rate and the county excise tax rate.
We have no record of receipt of this fingerprint transaction.
Visa also handles transaction clearing and settlement services.
Companies doing an acquisition or being bought typically hire an investment bank, or a few, to steer them through the transaction.

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