transact in a sentence

Example sentences for transact

Whether you visit for the food or to transact business, there is no dearth of local hotels situated on major routes.
At any time of the day or night customers may transact business by means of electronic machines.
Successful currencies are used to transact day-to-day business and lubricate commerce.
The company is authorized to transact business within these lines of insurance.
Cities are areas where strangers transact with each other.
Without being armed they transact nothing, whether of public or private concernment.
We've made amazing strides in allowing people to trust perfect strangers enough to transact with them multiple times every day.

Famous quotes containing the word transact

Half the business is done, when one has gained the heart and the affections of those with whom one is to transact<... more
Her mind is inferior to that of man, and we know that it requires the strongest of minds to become a good politician....... more
This is a woman's industry. No man will vote our stock, transact our business, pronounce on women's wages, ... more
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