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Example sentences for tranquility

The more equal it is, the more heart there is in common which provides for the best defense, and ensures domestic tranquility.
Clay lines the bottom of the park's many waterways, creating a jade green color, symbolizing tranquility.
What these cabins lack in luxury, however, they make up for in relaxation and tranquility.
However, there are no telephones or televisions to distract guests from enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the island.
The guest can walk through the scenic grounds around the creek and enjoy the tranquility of the old oak grove.
No, tranquility does not promise to descend on our planet, and will not be granted us so easily.
He withdraws and longs for the tranquility of a little intellectual house on the plain by a transparent river.
Harmony of relations and tranquility is a matter of urgency for the present.
People have long fled to the mountains in search of fresh air and tranquility.
Weather, always part of our daily world, brings with it every emotion from awe to tranquility.
Backcountry also has a knack for interspersing moments of perfect tranquility with clenches of fear.
Revel in tranquility at the arboretum, lush gardens, lakes.
It had taken her to the age of forty to achieve domestic tranquility, but there was still a flaw in this idyll.
And sure, the hackneyed tranquility of this scene was something of an illusion even then.
Time flies when you're having fun, but crawls when you recollect in tranquility.
Enjoy the tranquility park areas offer during the winter.
The peaceful tranquility of the grounds provides a perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Famous quotes containing the word tranquility

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