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Example sentences for trance

She had the audience captivated in a state of complete trance.
It is reasonable to suspect that the drug imitates the same altered state as meditation, trance or deep prayer.
But while he's in that trance state, he should also be reasonably suggestible.
Frequently he catches people in the strange trance state that freeway driving induces or glancing idly at the cars around them.
Her hypnotherapist stayed by her side throughout, monitoring her trance state and refocusing her mind when it drifted.
Hypnotic trance and mindfulness meditation have both been shown to have benefits for physical health.
At concerts he would simply play the same note over and over, or stand still in a trance.
She'd stand under the heat lamp, legs wide apart, her fuzzy red head slowly tipping forward in a kind of narcoleptic trance.
Bikes get stolen, people get in fights over how loud the trance music is, someone still has to coordinate port-a-potties.
The ensuing techno, electronic and trance music gradually elbowed out the other metal sub-genres.
On the safaris, you spend time with the shamans and watch them do trance dances.
Once they reached the shrine, they entered into a trance.
With the beat of acid jazz and trance music at high volume, the pitch is clearly toward a younger crowd.
He is in a deep, sleeplike trance, oblivious to everything but the hypnotist's soft voice.
Combined with the game mechanic, feeling the beat of the music or the meandering soft melody will easily lull you into a trance.
Killing the sheep is a metaphor for entering the supernatural through a hallucinogenic trance.
With a literal imitation of camp-meeting racket, and trance.
He cut off the ears of the monster almost in a trance.
After the trance of a moment several members started from their seats.
He listened in a sort of trance, unconscious of all around him.
While in trance, followers of voodoo will often dance to the intense drumming, allowing them to fall into possession.
From the canyons below, a parrot flew squawking, breaking the trance.
All the talk is about the economy but everyday life rumbles on, in a collective trance.
It is this trance-proneness that makes them unusually vulnerable to suggestion.
In her trance, she didn't have time for housework or dinner.
Nor was it a collective trance under a mesmeric leader.
Programs include instruction in trance inducement and its relation to other healing arts specialties.

Famous quotes containing the word trance

Shake off your heavy trance, and leap into a dance, Such as no mortals use to tread, fit only for Apollo To... more
... in general, the Anglo-Irish do not make good dancers; they are too spritely and conscious; they are incapable of one... more
My trance frightens them, breaks the dance, empties the market-place; if I but pass they fall back, frantic... more
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