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Example sentences for tram

Take a tractor-tram tour up through the vineyards for a close-up look at biodynamic farming.
Every few minutes a tram trundles through the shopping centre.
But what's equally important are the links to regional, commuter, subway and tram services that enable a door-to-door journey.
If you want to beat the rush on a powder day, get a guide and hop on the tram before the lifts open.
We rode the tram during rush hour in the years before the subway stop.
Don't take the tram up if you plan on staying until closing.
Traffic is heavy in town, so stroll the streets or take a guided tram tour.
Visitors ascend to the top of the tower in a railway tram car that runs on a cable on the outside of the rear of the tower.
The second tour features a town, tram and trek package.
Be sure to note where you parked before you leave your car to board the parking lot tram or walk into an attraction.
Ride on the tram or bus to cover all but short distances.
The tram cost nearly four times the approved estimate to build.
Guests ride through the park on a tram with an experienced tour guide who points out popular locations.
The ski areas will be connected via shuttle bus, but there are no immediate plans to link them via a chairlift or tram.
Those wishing to explore alone can walk the short trails and portions of the tram road, or bike.
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