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There is no pre-determined evolutionary pathway or trajectory.
The software would use epidemiological modeling to chart the discussions and their trajectory.
Each of these television films telegraphs its trajectory within minutes.
Positive feedback defeats calculus when unlimited magnification does not smooth a trajectory, hence numerical solutions.
With proper diet and exercise, the trajectory toward diabetes can be slowed or even reversed.
My dog is extremely accurate at making predictions about the trajectory of moving objects.
The genome project, incidentally, followed exactly this trajectory.
The films, however, have followed an alternative trajectory.
One sailed a perfect trajectory into my father's outstretched hand.
These trends could change the trajectory of the general election.
Yet events of the last few weeks suggest that the trajectory of the relationship is in steeper decline than anyone expected.
If home prices were to increase rapidly forever, then this foreclosure trajectory might not be a big concern.
They could overshoot and follow a new, lower trajectory.
To his many enemies, this trajectory was still another proof of his protean and opportunistic nature.
Given her trajectory, one that has consistently prioritized relatability and intimacy, the retreat is an inevitable next step.
In evaluating its trajectory thus far, it's important to note that the program faces inherent administrative challenges.
His rocket-fueled trajectory in the polls demands that he back it up with a strong debate performance.
It lifts us upward on a zigzagging trajectory of progress.
The message from scientists at this point couldn't be clearer: the world's emissions trajectory is extremely dangerous.
But, as in a thriller, no sooner had the book's trajectory been established than it was reversed.
Wolf was in his mid-thirties, and his career was without an obvious trajectory.
He hesitates again and seems to brake slightly, but then continues clumsily on his diagonal trajectory.
Astronomers are constantly on the lookout for bodies on such a catastrophic trajectory.
Still, much remains unknown about the trajectory from land to sea.
The probe will then spend several months searching for the best impact site and setting up a prime trajectory.
In private, however, they're anything but pessimistic about the ultimate trajectory of their respective countries.
The expanding vapor would act as a rocket motor, nudging the asteroid onto a new trajectory.
In any case, the odds will have to be re-calculated when a trajectory is determined.
The bulky elephant, which signifies our emotions, makes the first decisive moves along a moral trajectory.
To do so, it will make three flybys of the planet, adjusting its trajectory after each encounter.
We will in fact need a trajectory of rising tax revenues to balance the budget within a few years.
Because fleas also use jumps to reach prey, it is also reasonable to compare restricted jump trajectory to fast predatory strikes.
The trajectory of a successful actor's career has traditionally been television and then movies, but that seems to be changing.
The differences have to do with temperament and trajectory.
Much more went into its collapse than its notion of historical trajectory.
If you're inclined to work with students in the former trajectory, load all your cannons and fire away.
It can also alter the trajectory of one's ambitions and priorities, as it did mine.
Anyone can sense that the trajectory in this comic of discomfort is a toboggan ride to social anarchy.
If you take three steps backward, you'll realize that the trajectory of things is generally positive.
However perfectly an aircraft is built, its full potential cannot be harnessed without a perfectly calculated trajectory.
From behind him someone swung a blade towards his skull, carving a down-to-up trajectory through the air.
These transatlantic differences stem from the trajectory of private debt.
Many initiatives to build higher performing work environments follow a similar trajectory.
The lighter an ion is, the more the field bends its trajectory.
Most costly of all has been the absence of any clear political trajectory.
The lack of a unified government response suggests this grim trajectory will continue.
Provide a means of following a downwards trajectory to help you track progress but also to raise the alarm if you go off course.
So yes, it's true that growth is slow and that deleveraging is a factor influencing the trajectory of the recovery.
Newspapers and magazines are on the same trajectory.
The story concerns a number of romantic entanglements and disentanglements, each following a thoroughly predictable trajectory.
It would also present a clear trajectory for the future evolution of the euro area, thus framing expectations.
Both debates have followed a predictable trajectory.
They are on the way to follow the trajectory of rich worlds'.
But the economy is following a more familiar trajectory.
But in this case the orbit doesn't really match any rocket trajectory, so it's probably a natural rock.
It was one of the panels from the booster rocket that separated when the crew went into their lunar trajectory.
One of the space agency's employees seems to have been inspired by the space shuttle's soaring trajectory.
The camera follows the arrow's trajectory from the archer's bow toward the target.
So you devise a trajectory through the bushes that has no overlaps.
In particular, it can depend on the curvature of spacetime along your trajectory.
Performance went right back to its initial peak once the detergent was gone before declining again along a similar trajectory.
Hunting a moving animal is akin to understanding the trajectory and relative path of a snooker ball.
Maybe on impact there were many solid bits that left long dusty trails as their trajectory curved back in.
Within a few seconds, computers plot the missile's trajectory.
Moments later the shuttle followed along the same trajectory.
Study valuable skills, and your trajectory takes off.

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