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Preparation for flight consists of donning a flight suit and watching a training video.
Two athletes can be training at the same relative intensity, running the same distances.
Special training courses on the subject can be found in many countries.
Rats begin training at the age of five weeks when juveniles are weaned from their mothers.
And that training them to pay attention to such expressions might help.
Not every zoo has a pathologist, or nutritionist or the level of keeper training that this zoo has.
Because apricot trees tend to form too dense a canopy, open-center training is usually recommended.
Professional athletes have for years had access to better training tools and techniques than us workaday amateurs.
Time was, firearms training for police officers was all about how to shoot.
There are worries about lack of progress on training imams.
If a training method fails, many people think there's something wrong with their dog.
Musical training sharpens the ability to sense emotions.
They used treadmills, exercise bicycles and a simulated weight training system to stay fit.
There are two reasons training is done in a virtual environment.
More work must go into improving education and training so that native workers can move more easily into higher-skilled jobs.
They have been training her for months and this is the last phase.
Vaccination provides a training exercise that teaches the immune system how to muster a swift counterattack.
Journalism training is booming in the developing world.
Researchers suggest there may be two ways to improve efficiency through training.
Central-leader training is ideal for smaller and medium-size trees.
The key to adopting a barefoot running technique is training yourself to land on your forefoot instead of your heel.
One-on-one training is the best way to learn how to improve your emotional intelligence.
The good news is: studies have shown that extensive training can make us better at doing two things at once.
Plus it's peak season for baseball's spring training and hiking in one of the nearby desert parks.
It does so through surveys, on-campus training and producing a guide book on responding to climate change.
Less than two hours of training over a few days produced noticeable brain changes in adult learners.
Early staking and pruning are important in training as tree add to my plant list.
And industry-specific training with lots of input from employers seems to be more effective than a general upgrading of skills.
Fortunately, a number of training methods can bolster self-control.
If people attend a job training program, that means they must stay in the same area for the duration of the training.
The more likely culprits are therefore the nature of medical training and the intrinsic demands of the profession.
Only a teacher who is frequently being misunderstood by students should be sent to mandatory training.
The navy is thinking of handing back some land, and of doing some training elsewhere.
Learn how ski jumpers reach new heights by training in wind tunnels.
Now things are changing, chiefly in the booming business of legal training.
By training the left hand and arm to be as skillful as the right one's powers are said to be more than doubled.
Dogs may be able to understand far more words than a typical owner teaches them during obedience training.
Police and military spend years training and retraining and they still make mistakes.
Training and, these days, the registration of divers are making things better.
Few people receive formal training on how to manage stress, which may explain why many of us turn to destructive ways of coping.
The training interfered with their productivity in the short term, and hence with their take-home pay.
Wal-Mart recently conducted daylong training with some of its suppliers about the sustainability reporting initiative.
Not much is known about his training as a naturalist or artist.
Training also includes a system of hand strikes and blocks.
Actors will put participants through a training session based on the actual manual used.
He was a member of the military training corps, and the guns were replicas.
Was there any money for training the people in how to make food, because school food is basically as bad as military if not worse.
Performance usually improves with practice, but not if training is a rotten time.
Unruly and aggressive behaviors result from lack of proper training- people training.
The next year my husband went through rookie training.
To enter the program, teams go through a two-hour training course.
And that means providing educational opportunities and skills-training.
We tried numerous training techniques when he was a puppy, and even received advice from the vet, but nothing really ever worked.
The interface is familiar enough that training usually takes hours rather than weeks.
It was originally a consultancy in business management and administration which expanded into customised in-company training.
But even if these complex problems were addressed, some people will fall through the cracks and be left without adequate training.
His art school training, followed by experience as a draughtsman, was evident in the precision of his work.
Training methods will be needed to teach older people to use computers.
Training will be embedded and available anytime, anywhere.
Her white training had only made for habits, not for nature.
It was astonishing what a difference was made by two or three weeks' training.
Training is impossible and sympathetic guidance equally so.
If you want to improve your performance and avoid injury, cross-training is not the definitive scientific answer.
And for-profit colleges provide quick degrees but are expensive and sometimes offer subpar training.
Some professors chafe at such sensitivity training, saying it insults their intelligence.
He's an architect by training but an explorer at heart.
Training bugs may help us understand our own brains.
These high-tech systems can't require a lot of training or give off a lot of heat.
However, if he sent them to sleep for a few hours after their training, they remembered what they had learned.
Their training is so extensive, physicians argue, that they alone should diagnose illnesses.
He has no scientific training but came up with some really amazing artwork.
Preferably, this will be someone with statistics training or a social science background.
The government therefore tasked the spotters with training others.
It doesn't always take a degree, or years of training, to make an impact of science.
When fed a new piece of music not in the database, the computer uses that training to infer how a human would characterize it.
Chemical methods are difficult because they require training and a continual supply of the chemicals.
He has no scientific training and has never said an intelligent thing in any of his web posts.
The glove could also be used in video games, sports training, or physical rehabilitation.
To substantially alter cognitive development, starting brain-training exercises earlier may be better.
Newcomers with no training could start out working the simplest and then gradually learn others.
Her training program was a reasonable behavior-modification approach.
She did not begin her opera training until she was in her early twenties.
Most of these training sessions are viewed in flashback.
Though he was a scientist by training, there was nothing rigid or predictable or orderly about him.
But they were established with a noble purpose, as places where doctors-in-training could study actual specimens.
Skinner had already used pigeons in his psychological research, training them to press levers for food.
And he's egalitarian in his approach to on-the-job training.
Nim also made trips to the university's campus for language training sessions, which he apparently disliked.
During our time in training, our training group was taken to the giraffe area where they roamed free.
Moreover the training develops the nerve nets between these structures and helps the brain to function in a more unified way.
As a result, social anxiety sufferers often wind up unemployed or in jobs below their training level.
Short, irregular training intervals may work best for learning.
In yet another set of experiments, the recall tests were carried out one month after training.
Which returns us to my starting point, about the distinction between training for something and training to resist it.
Despite all his training, he had never shot anyone in his life.
They had initial training in interrogation, but they really didn't have the experience.
So far all the guys who are competing for the job are having a good spring training.
Logue is revealed to have no formal training in his field.
These aims coincide today with those of economic utility because the information age has made purely vocational training obsolete.
He would also create a more extensive job-training program.
So did the practice of requiring a degree for many positions for which the universities provided no technical training.
These are different worlds, which require different skills and training.
Nobody would deny that the religious training and social origins of an author affect what he has to say.
To be ordained, he went through formal training in theology.
We offer a variety of training for state employees.
Many of the training sessions offered are geared toward professional audiences involved in site cleanup.
The following training resources are available for cancer registrars.
Training more beat cops is key to beating the insurgency.
Kids suffer when coaches and parents pile on too much training.

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