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Lois is a part-time swim instructor and personal trainer.
The trainer trains the docile horse to turn, with his sensitive neck, whichever way the rider indicates.
She was an avid rider and trainer, and built the barns and track that still are there today.
He can fire his personal trainer or check out of the clinic.
In her previous career, as a horse trainer, she gave some of them riding lessons.
His trainer was unconsciously signalling answers to the horse with involuntary cues.
His trainer reports that he now turns up his trunk at anything less than a ten-cent coin.
In half the trials, a helpful trainer stood behind and pointed to the container holding the treat.
Some bird trainer teaches a bird to recognize patterns appearing in a picture.
If you want to do the same, make sure you get competent advice from a trainer.
It's an amazing computational trainer that anyone can build in an afternoon.
However, the trainer and owner retained him and he survived to ride again and to receive impressive injuries.
His trainer gave him long sequences of things to do.
He was seen jogging in one of the parks, in the thrall of a personal trainer.
For the new study, an animal trainer took six months to coax and cajole his five chimp study subjects to walk on treadmills.
He trained both dogs with the help of a professional dog trainer.
When the trainer arrived all was well until he snapped at her.
As a personal trainer, and a natural athlete he has a strong sense of balance.
Nicole also works part time as dog trainer, teaching basic obedience.
We sought the advice from a local dog trainer at a shelter who has a good reputation with aggressive dogs.
She has been in many fights and is considered a red zone case by the trainer.
The genial trainer got to see his old friend, and reminisce about good times.
Getting in shape is way easier with a personal trainer.
Truth is, we're merely beach bums angling for surfer babes, so the idea of an in-home surfing trainer had us totally stoked.
But getting those four-legged weapons-hunters ready for war requires a ton of time and patience from a human trainer.
On that same day, she told her parents she wanted to be a whale trainer when she grew up.
Working out with his personal trainer would display too much complaining.
There is some stress involved with being an athletic trainer.

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