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It is of the highest importance, therefore, that they be so organized and trained as to be prepared for any emergency.
Both sweet and sour cherries can be trained to a central leader or modified central leader.
Peaches and nectarines are best trained to an open center.
On plants trained to stakes, keep one vertical leader.
Pole beans, peas, and indeterminate tomatoes also need to be trained on some sort of structure.
We've trained star jasmine up the arbors and planted annuals in the remaining space.
But thanks to a new way of planting trees-trained close together on trellises-great, affordable olive oil is here.
Bring your buddy for part of the drive, but leave him in well-trained hands before the road gets twisty.
They do not climb by twining or attachment but must be trained through or tied to their support.
Can be sheared as a low hedge, grown as a pot plant for indoor use, or trained against a fence or espalier.
Other roses can be trained as either bushes or climbers.
And they wrote of it in the easy style of the trained reporter.
Another who is a semi-invalid never leaves her room, and the duties of her companion are almost those of a trained nurse.
By years of practice he had trained himself to sit for hours through the long nights neither asleep nor awake.
He was at first trained to be a lighthouse engineer, following the profession of his family.
Their leaders were trained to a method of oratory which relied for its effect rather on the moral sense than the understanding.
The successful candidate should be trained in and take an interdisciplinary approach to human-environment relations.
The ideal candidate would be broadly trained, have a record of scholarly publications, as well as experience with labor movements.
Most of my attention so far has centered on management consulting, a career that calls for people trained in the art of thought.
All of a sudden they are thrust into a new type of job for which they've never been trained: management.
For eight hours the top floor of the two-story building burned while the fire department trained hoses on the flames.
As an academic, you've been trained to do one thing-to write and do research in your discipline.
Hired, scheduled, and trained staff to oversee lab and provide support to users.
Professors are often trained to regard students as impediments to research.
Having trained and trusted representatives in each market is effective from a cost and operations perspective.
The ideal candidate would be a broadly trained environmental scientist with expertise in animal or wildlife ecology.
Proposed cuts in an appropriation for teaching hospitals could result in thousands of fewer doctors being trained each year.
Previous studies have confirmed the ability of trained dogs to detect skin-cancer melanomas by sniffing skin lesions.
Dogs respond well when they are trained to help people with disabilities.
Book reviewers are trained to evaluate and critique texts.
We all know that individual animals can be trained to exist in close contact with humans.
The researchers also looked at shark counts from trained shark observers that sail out on some fishing boats.
The researchers then trained nectar-eating bats to find a feeder hidden in artificial foliage.
Then they were fed into water cannons trained on the gold-bearing hillside.
None of us are trained entomologists, and many butterflies are never identified.
Then novice surgeons were trained to mimic those eye movements.
The exhibit is staffed with volunteers trained to encourage dialog and reflection.
Thornton, who had been trained as a physician but was now trying his hand at architecture, seemed unaware of the oppressive heat.
He was trained to enter and calmly remain in the crate, un-sedated for the journey.
Every school has the same national goals and draws from the same pool of university-trained educators.
Alas, adding willing hands to the global economy is not the same as adding trained brains.
Scintillation counters, though, require trained operators.
The dogs had been trained to use one of two signals to indicate to their handlers that they had detected something.
He then used his highly trained legal brain to calculate the damages he was owed.
Both the president and the vice-president trained as lawyers.
The game was also rigorously studied and trained for.
The soldiers are ill trained and chiefly preoccupied with finding food and shelter.
Which wines can manage this pairing, and why, has remained a mystery that even the best-trained sommeliers do not understand.
Society needs highly trained critical thinkers to tackle complex problems with rigour and research skills.
The people who devise such complex derivatives are generally trained in physics or math.
The researchers trained observers to monitor seven chimpanzees and seven gorillas in both the holding areas and the enclosures.
The only way that that was possible was to use foreign youngsters as soldiers that they had trained.
But ample showrooms and well-trained staff are costly.
Some fish were trained to swim to a yellow target in the tank, and some were trained to move toward a blue target.
At the same time, it uses costly contractors to work the same jobs for which its own linguists have trained.
We're trained at an early age to wait our turn, defer to our superiors and avoid bragging.
Second, even if there were such a universal correlation, it is likely to be badly confounded by trained countermeasures.
Mice were trained to identify feces from bird flu-infected ducks by smell.
Since dogs were first trained to hunt birds, relations haven't been especially rosy between the two.
They had trained to exhaustion every day for years to prepare their bodies for this one race.
But no one at the county hospital is trained to make that decision.
The researchers first trained five bonobos and five orangutans to use a tool to get a fruit treat from a mechanical apparatus.
Fifty-four novice student golfers were trained, under various conditions, to become highly skilled.
And trained dogs continue to help investigators in the search for dead bodies.
Bees could be trained, through altered feeding habits, to swarm a vehicle packed with dynamite.
But the trained animals fared no better than those reintroduced with no training.
Astronauts and crews are carefully selected, trained, and monitored to minimize risks and to promote health and safety.
It is not dangerous to remove one cell if it is done by someone trained to do the procedure.
We were well fed and well cared for, which was not the case in all establishments where boys were trained to be chefs.
Search-and-rescue dogs are trained by exploiting the instinct to retrieve thrown objects.
He has actually trained himself and modernized himself on his own.
Students from well-off communities generally arrive at college already trained to masquerade as calm.
Let's remember-and be glad-that law-enforcement officers and journalists have been trained to speak of people respectfully.
We trained all our dogs ourselves, saving the taxpayers money.
And he isn't any run-of- the-mill trained chimp, either.
No matter how well trained people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own.
The best players on the team trained year round, with private instructors, and felt they had little to learn.
He was trained as a carpenter, became an actor, and later did cabaret acts.
It gets to where you're so well trained, you can do only what you're told to do.
There are all sorts of new ways doctors are being trained, to think about these matters.
He was trained as a stonemason, but his potential must have been clear, because he had a knack for finding mentors.
Police officers aren't trained to shoot fifty times.
He discussed ways in which the poor could be trained for civil service jobs.
He trained to be a physician, but his curiosity led him into a job doing basic research.
Then they trained the rats to scurry around a circular track and stop periodically for food rewards.
Trained as a physicist, he spent several years studying fiber optics and how light beams can guide their own path.
As long as an infrared laser is trained on the plane, the cells send enough electricity to the propeller to keep the craft flying.
When tested later under normal environmental conditions, the trained mole rats fared extremely well.
But it's unlikely that dogs develop lock-and-key receptors for cocaine when they're trained to smell it out at airports.
If a rat is trained to recognize sounds at a particular frequency, the corresponding region of the tone map will get bigger.
The researchers then trained a laser at the right foot of each volunteer and fired tiny pulses.
Year after year, poorly trained police or fire department officials contributed to faulty convictions.
Prior to the development of this system, air traffic controllers were trained by pushing model airplanes along a tabletop.
Writing systems are still coming into existence, consciously designed by trained linguists.
Here's an article about dolphins trained to fetch litter from their pools.
And this hurts, because they are both trained in the theater and know the pitfalls of wooden productions.
He trained a chicken to jump through a hoop of fire.
He had his eye on the end of the rainbow, rather than trained on the cobblestones looking out for the next stray copper penny.
But it's trained out of you, because that's not the way people are supposed to be.
He had trained my eye for his artists rather too well.
The dead tissue cannot be revived, but often the brain can be trained to redirect nerve impulses via still-living nearby neurons.
In this dystopia, doctors haven't been trained in genomics, and payers won't fund predictive and preventive tests and protocols.
The test normally requires trained technicians to affix a special cap and is not always performed.
Video surveillance can help, but it requires personnel trained to scan crowds and pick out suspicious individuals.
Having a professionally trained brain for music probably helped.
The robot's software has its foundation in machine-learning algorithms that can be trained to perform certain functions.
No pilots are currently trained to fly an airship of this type.
Participants were trained on the system via a novel visual feedback system.
The test also takes only a few minutes and doesn't require a specially trained technician.
Oasis can rapidly be trained to recognize new objects.
Physicians and nurses would also need to be trained to use the technology in their work.
Trained to crises of sickness and parturition that often came at odd hours.
Iranians are now able to produce their own scientists and engineers rather than having them trained elsewhere.
His father, trained as a bookbinder, ran a store selling stationery and notions.
But they are also dedicated professionals and trained observers, and human beings with personal lives of their own.
Before print, the ability to read was useful mainly to the elite and the trained scribes who handled their affairs.

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