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Walker plans to train dogs to detect prostate cancer in human urine later this year.
Could be that fast train is going somewhere after all.
These pigs are used for baying, which is how hunters train their dogs to bring the pigs down.
Train as for a central leader, but stop upright growth, usually after two or three tiers of scaffold branches.
The military uses all sorts of games to train troops.
Train stations have to be conveniently located and connected to local transit.
The animal species which has once been put into a train of motion, is still probably moving in that train.
If older plants become unmanageable, cut to ground before spring growth begins and train a few strong new stems.
The grants regulated by the law have been used more often to help people find jobs than to train them for new types of employment.
The train stations are typically centrally located in good neighborhoods.
Most visitors arrive by train or boat, or even on foot, because it's extremely difficult to reach the villages by road.
But slapping the contrasting sounds onto mp3 players helps train docs quickly.
The high-voltage third rail that runs next to a set of train tracks is, of course, something to be avoided.
Now some universities are using the virtual world to train nurses.
Space was valuable on the wagon train and, if available, for the old and infirm only.
Picture yourself standing at branching train tracks with a unstoppable train barreling towards you.
Cage or stake plants or train them on a trellis if garden space is scarce.
Online games have been developed to train firefighters, soldiers, and others preparing for fast-paced jobs.
It's not too difficult to train people to get good lift over drag positions in a wind tunnel.
Train as espalier or on wire along eaves more add to my plant list enlarge.
We train every faculty member to detect academic dishonesty.
The researchers used a food reward-based method to train five ordinary household dogs.
Train as espalier or on wire along eaves add to my plant list.
Colleges in the region have joined the effort to train students for jobs in freshwater research and technology.
Grow as shrubs or train into small trees add to my plant list.
It's worth noting that the app does not give you train schedules of any sort nor does it help you plan your route.
To train the espalier, the branches are tied to horizontal wires strung through eye hooks.
Many disciplines used to train regional specialists.
Every seat is a window seat in the converted train car.
Train larger trees to a modified central leader to keep fruit within easy reach.
Display in hanging basket or window box, use as ground cover, or train on strings or low trellis add to my plant list.
Train as privacy or wind screen on chain link or wire fence.
Use japonicas singly, as accents, or train them against a fence or wall as espaliers.
The vines are easy to train along fences, pergolas, and deck rails.
IF the movies are to be believed, dining on the train was once a delight.
We need to better train teachers and to have more teachers.
Traveling by train is super easy if you're going where it goes since there's a station at the airport.
But, not all combatants had armor to train in year around.
All that can make you swim differently and could stress your heart in ways that you didn't train for.
But certainly this is not likely to train students to think for themselves.
We felt compelled to follow up in each of those instances, and it turned out to be every bit as eye-opening as a train wreck.
Her job is to train soldiers in hand-to-hand combat.
Keep with thy glorious train firm state within his heart.
Faster than memories, faster than old mythologies, faster than the speediest train.
While train travel is generally cheaper than taking taxis, it can still add up if you ride every day.
The train connects each of these regions, making traveling from one country to the next fairly easy and painless.
These systems convert kinetic energy into electricity as the train slows down.
Highly reliable and precise, these next-wave detectors are cheap to produce and easy to train.
Customers then use their phones to pay before hopping the train to work.
They can watch the tv in subway, bus, their car and train.
Indeed, the battery lab occupies space once devoted to internal combustion power-train development.
The reasons why the public hasn't quickly climbed onto this runaway train isn't so difficult to discern.
However there is a loss in power transfer from the batteries to the wheels through the motor and drive train.
The battery powered drive train wins hands down with how many resources it would take to produce it.
They know the non-renewable gravy train has an expiration date and they are making sure they are well positioned for the change.
Increasing energy efficiency of electric power-train systems.
But unlike the highway, the train takes the traveler inside the topography.
With a forceful, mechanical heave, the train accelerated from the station at a predawn hour.
But there are really only two options: plane and train.
The people standing patiently in line are not, it turns out, waiting to buy train tickets.
He might select his own reincarnation while he is still alive, which would give him a chance to train a successor.
No one much likes it when something-an empty cab, an out-of-service subway train, summer-goes by without stopping.
During these years he never stopped taking train trips.
But it is easier and faster than flying or taking a train.
Texting while driving a car, or even a train, can be lethal: that is clear.
Cats are notoriously difficult to photograph and impossible to train.
But of course professors don't train writers the way coaches train athletes.
When truck traffic largely supplanted train traffic, several decades ago, the trucks came roaring through too.
Now imaging that you are on the same train, but you are not moving at all.
Now she says she will probably have to lie under a train, or shoot her legs off with a shotgun.
Change--especially nationwide change--is a slow-moving train.
Right across the street, there is a beautiful running path underneath an old elevated train track along the water.
In the upcoming season finale, a contestant must race atop a moving train without falling off.
He paused frequently to recover his train of thought.
The train disappears into a tunnel and emerges on the other side.
On the train to work, my fellow commuters did double takes and snickered.
They can train a monkey to read out of a concepts text.
Others phoned for directions from the train station.
Employers know that they are able to train qualified employees in specialized skills.
It should be to train workers in a skill that will suit them and get them employed.
It is as important for students to realize their learning styles to train themselves for better receiving of the information.
We're over-crowded, so you never know when traffic along your car or bus or train route will be delayed.
Helpful links for bus and train schedule information are listed here.
That's what you want to know when you train a dog or ride a horse or try to catch a barnyard goose.
The antigens train the immune system to recognize and destroy those microbes should they ever appear in the body.
It's a lot harder to walk in the direction the train is moving than to walk against the train's motion.
He wanted to see if he could train the rats to go in at the third door down from wherever he started them off.
Han used a lenient training regime to train these engineered mice to fear a specific sound.
But much harder to invent a general battery of tests, train people, and have them do better in life.
Your trying to explain it and in so doing revealing the train of thought that was established.
Its a runaway freight train that will make us poorer and less free.
Regardless, the train left the station a while ago and we're all along for the ride.
By this train of logic, everything conceivable by the human mind exists, even contradictory things.

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