trailside in a sentence

Example sentences for trailside

He slides wide of the hikers only to have his tires lock up in the mud, sending him careening toward a trailside bench.
Accommodations include hotel-style lodging, village chalets and trailside condos.
The trailside condominium lodging units feature skylights, a full kitchen, a ski deck and sauna.
Scads of trailside blackberries offer a summertime treat.
Trailside shoulders have been replanted with native plants such as salal, sword fern, and vine maple.
Self-guided walks interpret trailside features with brochures and signs.
Check the trailside brush piles for song, white-throated and the occasional white-crowned sparrow.
Lesson plans and worksheets will help students draw deeper meanings from exhibits and trailside features during their visit.
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