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Example sentences for trailing

Fishermen collect the clams by hand, by diving to the seafloor trailing breathing tubes.
One lone rope was found trailing in the water, not hooked up to any rigging, with the ends frayed.
Together they set off farther downhill, with the trailing throng swelling into the thousands, with thousands more lining the road.
Here and there a splash of white or crimson marked the blooming of some trailing epiphyte.
Her bouquet was of trailing bridal wreath and white lilacs.
The lady's long hair was shaken loose, and dropped, trailing on the ground.
As the shoals draw nearer to shore, small commercial fishing boats set out through the surf, trailing their nets behind them.
The islet itself was trailing a wake from the current whipping around it.
The cubs had been trailing behind us, occasionally stopping to sniff the ground or bushes.
There was something else: a stainless-steel hook embedded in its mouth, trailing a long strand of monofilament line.
Some people are nervous about trailing digital bread crumbs behind them.
It was below me, drifting towards me from the furthest level where there was no life, a dark oval trailing limbs.
The indigo night sky streamed in, trailing little moons and stars.
The trailing edge of the engine cover has a distinctive, serrated appearance.
The trailing cone is used for static air pressure during test flights.
If your party's trailing, you're better off taking the risk.
The trailing edge of the second pulse, therefore, also acts as an event horizon.
Cost control is often an afterthought, trailing far behind revenue generation.
Deaths due to state-based conflicts show jagged peaks in the two world wars, followed by a bumpy but consistent trailing-off.
Many foreigners today are threadbare students, overworked managers, trailing spouses.
The lack of a trailing wire, however, makes the procedure much easier than it otherwise would be.
It was pointed straight down and seemed to be wobbling and trailing a cloud.
The trailing legs and rounded wings of these slow flying ducks makes them look bigger than they are.
No multiple statements per line or trailing comments.

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