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Tragic events sometimes bring out the best in people.
As resources are not unlimited, it leads to tragic overpopulation, conflict and famine.
The warnings were clear, yet the outcome was tragic.
The demonic influence exerted over another human is tragic.
As tragic as this food scenario is, however, it's precisely the way many of us drink wine.
His lasting postcolonial imprint reveals a far more nefarious interest and tragic outcome.
Most tragic of course is the heavy loss of human life and devastation of livelihoods in the affected regions.
In a dramatic turn of events, a tragic explosion strikes the soldiers and film crew.
He turned to top secret military research and led a tragic private life.
Not demonic possession, but a tragic molting accident.
He's the first of three famous brothers to suffer a tragic end.
Hopefully such a tragic and rare event will never occur on my campus.
And what's amusing when it happens to a luggage container is tragic when it involves human life.
The article would be laughable if it weren't so tragic.
At age five, she developed the ability to make herself weep while performing tragic poetry.
We are reacting, individually and collectively, to yet another tragic act of campus violence.
All this suggests that the outbreak of violence may be a tragic blip.
It is truly tragic that the way our educational system is structured can actually inhibit student learning.
The tragic result of this simple prank has made us so emotional and our irrational thinking is driven by anger.
But this tragic story may yet have a positive outcome.
Neither patient showed any sign of cancer, which can be a tragic consequence of virus-delivered gene therapy.
We live in a tragic and terribly dangerous world that is indifferent to individual suffering.
The university also played a high-profile and tragic role in the civil-rights movement.
Change that was tragic only to the degree that it was incomplete.
It is tragic that this type of situation still happens in workplaces.
Colleges have their share of tragic stories, but this is one of the more unusual ones.
Two outbreaks of violence could be deemed tragic but coincidental.
Hopefully, improved safety measures will mean less chance of tragic accidents.
The tragic heroes keep making new mistakes that compound their original mistakes.
On the one hand, it is tragic that students died of a heroin overdose.
She also features the faces of bears that make for folklore and occasional tragic realities.
The loss of these invertebrates themselves would be tragic.
In my view it is a tragic aspect of the human condition that will someday be resolved.
It is somewhat tragic that she and the attorneys advising her seem unable or unwilling to recognize this distinction.
The bullfrog tried to cross the road, with tragic messy results.
These tragic news events remind all of us about the relativity and uncertainty of our safety.
To his mind his new sense of maturity set him apart, made of him a half-tragic figure.
Whether their motives are missionary or mercenary, all are ultimately sucked into the vortex of an epic-and tragic-struggle.
If it wasn't so irritatingly tragic it would be kind of cute.
Its effects have been profound and tragic for centuries.
To somehow claim that as expertise would be laughable if it weren't so tragic that a science magazine is doing it.
The current situation re credibility of scientific information of all kinds is tragic.
We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves.
Look at previous messages for link for explanation of what was going on there, before the situation escalated with tragic results.
It turns out that he doesn't lack self-awareness, and it's nearly tragic that he's unable to act on it.
She stopped cutting long enough to lift her arm to her eyes in a tragic pose.
There is, of course, a tragic and volatile subtext to this farce.
Poe's life was tragic, but he was about as unworldly as a bale of cotton.
The consequences of bad ground intelligence can be tragic.
The crash might once have been written off as a tragic accident.
With the help of a local policewoman, they uncover tragic truths about him, their family and themselves.
To space enthusiasts yearning to break free from our terrestrial chains, this situation borders on the tragic.
If you didn't watch the season in question, you missed something tragic and beautiful.
These are the universal and tragic themes you find in the literatures of all peoples.
These deaths are truly tragic in that they are so avoidable.
Humankind is a tragedy with an immensely tragic ending.
The only reason why it was a tragic mistake was that the government jumped the gun in that case.
It was our finest moment, and it's tragic that some want to insist that it couldn't have happened.
It is not a subtle finding it is dramatic and tragic.
But in operational terms, the consequences were tragic.
Democracy and supremacy undermine the tragic sense required for long-range planning.
It was the culmination of a tragic personal journey.
There's a kind of tragic irony in that juxtaposition of facts.
It is universally regarded as an untimely and tragic event.
It now seems sad and even tragic, the reach for automation by these working pilots, their button-pushing response.
First, it failed to offer any sort of line out of this tragic rut for these sad moms and dads.
Throwing the poor out of their homes because they can't pay their mortgages is not only tragic-it is pointless.
It was the accident that has ended up saving more lives by far than it took, tragic as it was.
Her self-destruction was too predictable to be tragic, and her career too short.
And remind us all how they are also destroying their environment in a tragic way.
Forget all the events that happened that tragic day, those are secondary.
Plane crashes are spectacular, tragic events that can result in hundreds of deaths.
But it is tragic not because insufficient time or resources have been brought to bear on the problem.
But that supreme moment is tragic rather than harmonious.
Financial market participants created a financial bubble of tragic proportions in pursuit of personal gain.
Remainder ends instead in comic declension, deliberately refusing the self-mythologizing grandeur of the tragic.
However, examples of dog attacks with tragic results continue to occur.
It was not less tragic because it was so sordid, because that it had to do with wages and grocery bills and rents.
It's kind of tragic to see an obviously decent guy transformed right before your eyes.
In a tragic place scented by tropical blooms, it was the simplest of gestures.
The accusation would sound comical if it weren't tragic.
The following tips are useful reminders on how to prevent a tragic collision from occurring.

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