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Example sentences for trafficking

The global movement against human trafficking is making progress.
Favelas are notorious for drug trafficking and violent crime.
But exactly how this cell trafficking occurred was unknown.
Residents in towns along drug trafficking routes have been forced out by cartels, leaving them abandoned.
It was the clearest sign yet that the armed trafficking organizations consider palm to be a key threat, but not the only one.
Her greatness comes from trafficking in the mundane and the minute in remarkable ways.
Herrera faces charges of illegal enrichment and drug trafficking.
It has expanded from smuggling arms and drugs to both trafficking in, and preying upon, migrants.
Opium production has been reduced, but heroin trafficking is still a problem.
The government giving the appearance that it is acting against drug trafficking.
The fence is designed to discourage smuggling and arms trafficking.
Drug trafficking organizations are operating without fear of penalty.
Middlemen fetch high profits for wildlife trafficking.
In fact, many warlords are focusing on so-called import-exports, including opium trafficking.
The police surmise a link between counterfeiting and drug trafficking.
Illegal migration, arms trafficking and drug smuggling are a problem everywhere.
Others have been arrested or are being investigated for drug trafficking or human-rights abuses.
They sustain themselves by trafficking in certain goods that certain people find useful.
Demand for pets and medicines drives illegal trafficking.
Some are difficult to visit because they are remote or located in areas plagued by conflict or drug trafficking.
The central incident here-the necktie, the accusation of trafficking-came from her.
Its a win win for communities who have been destroyed by drug trafficking.
One reason is that doctors are terrified of being accused of drug-trafficking if they over-prescribe.
Instead of giving cash to local operators on trafficking routes, they would allot them a share of the shipment.
But interior ministers, fearful of organised crime and drug- and people-trafficking, refuse to agree.
The finance minister remains vulnerable to a scandal involving a former adviser accused of influence-trafficking.
But in its responses to drug-trafficking and organised crime that ideal has been severely weakened.
Penalize consuming of drugs and trafficking will diminish.
The remaining conflicts, financed by drugs trafficking, are the longest-running wars in the world.
Allow brothels, you get trafficking and criminal exploitation.
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