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In a traditional pension system, the employer promises a certain benefit, then must find a way to pay for it.
Authenticity is an important consideration when shopping for traditional wool-on-wool carpets.
Celebrate spring with a tasty menu of traditional favorites.
Predictions of traditional media's demise are greatly exaggerated.
Stargazing has increasingly become an alternative to traditional after-sundown dining and drinking at hotels and resorts.
If you've been to a traditional humanities conference, you know what a soul-crushing experience it can be.
And it can immediately be put to use in a way that traditional firms cannot match.
In place of a traditional headstone, for example, a tree might be planted over the grave.
New ceiling beams evoke the look of traditional coffers.
The traditional subject of the tug of war over language and perception is color.
Some colleges are sticking with a traditional model but looking for ways to build more lab with less money.
Many blame these changes on the decay of traditional mores.
Sunlight enters a traditional ger through gaps in the roof.
Traditional story setups might hinder math learning.
Still the focal point of many interior living spaces, the latest fireplaces look anything but traditional.
Gene vaccines borrow from both traditional vaccinology and gene therapy.
The companies that make traditional textbooks have been increasing their custom-publishing offerings as well.
Traditional information may be electronically contaminated.
Others worry about the effects on traditional ways of life.
Update traditional place settings with a casual, colorful new take.
That's far different from traditional search engines which all index and search the public web.
But traditional college students are not disappearing.
Installing a traditional form of insulation would be the first defense.
Hot and sour soup is a spicier and zingier cousin of the traditional egg flower soup.
The fight between proponents of marriage equality and defenders of traditional matrimony is nothing if not a morality play.
Unlike many traditional power sources, wind cannot be accessed on demand.
Scientists have endowed the traditional plant with new genes that pack the equivalent of a daily multivitamin into each serving.
Traditional bamboo sushi mats make rolling easy, but sheets of plastic wrap work surprisingly well.
Sixty percent of the students are traditional college age.
Some traditional property developers are drawing inspiration from this sort of thing.
The traditional lie detector, the polygraph, has existed for many years.
Under the traditional system, companies hired graduates and then invested heavily in their training and development.
Quantum particles continue to behave in ways traditional particles do not.
Rather, scientific studies will complement traditional understandings and help us encourage moral courage and basic human decency.
Government agencies struggle to operate beyond their traditional remits.
At the time he publicly declared to support traditional values.
It seems that the world has finally discovered that the traditional camera strap is neither comfortable nor practical.
Yet publishers say their cheaper options-electronic versions of traditional texts-aren't selling.
Traditional companies, mostly public already, are lucky if they can offer any upside at all.
But traditional corpora have their disadvantages too.
If there are indeed many identical copies of you, the traditional notion of determinism evaporates.
Perhaps the touch revolution will extend beyond tablets and smartphones and onto our traditional computers.
But the crimes of which he is accused are far from traditional.
The traditional view of proteins is that, right after being synthesized, they must fold into a unique shape to function properly.
Traditional methods for catching a fibber have been battered by scientific study.
It redefined modern dance, adding energy, robustness and physicality to traditional restrained moves.
The kitchen also offers traditional open hearth wood-fired cooking enabling the preparation of everything from pizza to chicken.
In their approach, being modern implies not only a lack of traditional beliefs but also a need for free expression.
Taking off your belt is a liberating move demonstrating a fresh approach to a traditional problem.
Traditional methods for cooling gases to close to absolute zero work only with a few of the elements.
It prefers slightly less water and a little more shade than traditional impatiens.
The biggest challenge for humanities scholars in the digital age isn't how to rework traditional forms of scholarship.
The traditional pillars of its economy-farming, tourism and finance-are all doing well.
Traditional crops and farming methods could not sustain that much productivity.
Traditional methods of vaccine design depend a lot on trial and error.
Click ahead for a look at how the traditional cottage garden can morph to fit your own personal gardening style.
Tiwa-speaking people maintain their traditional way of life and do not use electricity or plumbing.
Instead of having a traditional bridal shower, she wanted to spend the day serving our community.
Advertisers believe that about half of all traditional advertising does not reach the right audience.
His method, she says, is safer and more humane than traditional breaking-and it produces a happier horse.
Four generations share a traditional rustic menu at their annual celebration more.
Crumble crunchy won tons into this twist on a traditional salmon salad for a crisp texture.
Traditional mores say that texting when you're with someone is rude.
Many faculty members say it takes more time to develop and teach online courses than traditional ones.
Don't be afraid to introduce bright red to a traditional home.
Somewhere out there is an ambitious but frugal high-school graduate who wants to avoid a traditional college path.
It's even possible that a few papers will be able to earn enough money online to make the traditional ad-supported strategy work.
The prints showed an understanding of the traditional order.
His guide lists the best stands for about a hundred and forty traditional hawker dishes.
It consumes the same amount of energy per hour as two traditional home ovens.
And you are untethered from the economic ups and downs-and whims-of a traditional employer.
The research team tried silicon wire arrays instead of traditional silicon panels.
He explains that, unlike traditional cancer drugs, vaccines do not shrink tumors.
But it often takes weeks for traditional disease surveillance methods to reveal an illness's spread.
Now, employees are leaving the traditional workplace and opting to piece together a professional life on their own.
As it turns out, the traditional hiring process is also extremely inefficient.
Traditional farmers may use less herbicide, but they also do more ploughing, with all the ensuing environmental complications.
Today they are seen as a sign of intense commitment to embracing the practice and beliefs of traditional tattooing.
Traditional concrete is brittle and is easily fractured during an earthquake or by overuse.
These animals are often sick and unable to hunt normally, or live in areas where their traditional prey has vanished.
These animals are often sick and unable to hunt normally, or live in an area where their traditional prey has vanished.
Ask students what they think might be some of the effects of traditional tourism and ecotourism on local cultures.
To accomplish this goal, the organization focused on traditional athletics, but also on other activities.
But even if the conflicts seem traditional, their scale, expression and intensity are not.
There's little evidence that traditional methods or materials are being used, despite claims to the contrary.
One other note: this year's acting nominees are unusually short of the traditional afflictions.
Such a request might fly with a sugar daddy, but this ├╝ber-rich gentleman was pursuing me by traditional methods.
If that model catches on, it will cause dramatic upheaval in the economy of traditional universities.
Californians certainly didn't practice agriculture in the traditional sense.
But many physicists believe that this traditional textbook explanation is incomplete.
Traditional sausage is encased in the submucosa, the collagen layer of animal intestines.
And to look inside cells would require a detour outside the traditional boundaries of cardiology.
Line-X is opaque, so probably traditional bullet proof windows are needed.
Check out the building facades based on traditional privacy screens and wind towers that cool outdoor plazas.
It is particularly famous for its traditional layout as well as the food.
We have other tools that should be combined with traditional therapies.
In the traditional set-up, two widely separated particle detectors are used to measure the entanglement of the two photons.
The mesh would also reduce drag, letting a cloaked sub or ship cut through the water more efficiently than a traditional vessel.
The traditional role of a vice president for academic affairs is to promote and maintain a distinctive academic vision.
Those colleges, he said, will be under increasing pressure as the pool of traditional college students contracts.
But fluorine is difficult to add to molecules using traditional chemistry.
Hom applied a traditional antibiotic ointment to the wounds on the other leg.
The beams shoot at towers where water is boiled to make steam that can drive a traditional turbine.
And around all this new infrastructure, traditional, timber-framed houses will rise from the muddy wastes.
Traditional media supported themselves for decades by acting as brokers between advertisers and audiences.
Traditional solar cells respond only to a narrow spectrum of sunlight, making them highly inefficient.
But traditional two-stroke engines require oil to be mixed in with the fuel, and therefore produce higher emissions.
But cell-based therapies are proving trickier to test than traditional drugs and medical devices are.
Traditional wastewater treatment involves forcing air through the water to aerate it.
After this, the application can be installed anywhere--in a cloud-computing environment or on traditional infrastructure.
Traditional chemotherapies can affect both healthy and cancerous cells, leading to severe side effects.
Current methods of searching used by more traditional engines focus on isolated keywords and broad but shallow content coverage.

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