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For countless families worldwide, cookies define holiday tradition.
Because water is a precious resource, using it respectfully in the garden is a tradition.
Neither our tradition, nor any tradition, has ever banned all piracy.
So it's following in a tradition stretching back to the steppe.
Even if you think the tradition of the bowl games is worth preserving, going to an eight-team playoff would help such bowls.
Stretched budgets and anticipation of record enrollments spark effort to return to tradition.
The students have a longstanding tradition of playing a prank on the dean at the annual commencement exercise.
And some colleges have a tradition of buying software in bulk for students.
Others experience religious struggle because of conflicting ideas with their religious tradition or their family.
Throughout history people have prized cocoa-the defining ingredient of chocolate-a tradition that endures in our modern era.
To not offend they supergroup of behaviors can be called tradition.
We have strong feelings about the matter, molded by tradition, religion and law.
The tradition that he started is looking for interesting science no matter where it is and then finding tools to do those things.
It's a long-standing tradition to take care of problems elsewhere when it is in the common interest to do so.
The academic machine is well grounded in history, tradition, and mathematical logic.
At the same time, it has unique resources, including wind and sea and a tradition of cooperatives.
He was obsessed with tradition and obsessed with overturning it.
But these farmers have made a lifestyle choice to keep tradition alive and to live high in the mountains.
Sharing the catch of the day was a weekend tradition, bringing folks together that had never met.
They've been a tradition across the world for thousands of years as a form of storytelling.
True they have tried, but their efforts have been cast in the pattern of an outworn tradition.
It is part of the business of the critic to preserve tradition-where a good tradition exists.
So, the fairy tale attained print, and tradition became literature.
With these is another tradition borne out by his writing.
Reason was to be freed from authority, tradition, and pedantry.
But the influence of the older tradition of restraint proved too strong.
It was this tradition, not new but novel, which evolved into the present naturalistic method of acting.
So, the tradition of marriage pre-dates governments and religion.
The business school has a long tradition of internationalism and pluralism.
But it will retain the tradition of strong autonomy for local managers.
In any event, no tradition of religious persecution ever took root.
Other family members are said to have kept up the tradition.
There also has been a long tradition of discussing social progress and the lack of it.
Reverse engineering hardware is a time-honored tradition, made famous in the early days of the semiconductor industry.
There's a long tradition of the interfaces envisioned in movies becoming research projects in real life.
The small size and controllability of this device makes it much more useful than tradition blast tubes, they say.
Even if church choirs aren't usually your cup of tea, this time of year is perfect for exploring such a rich tradition.
Adding grated cheese to the crust tweaks the tradition, thus bringing an iconic dessert full circle.
Until recently, though, it didn't have many restaurants that exalted true regional food and tradition.
The second step in the pasta-making process is where technology trumps tradition.
Combining them, according to tradition, results in the perfect marriage.
There is nothing that belongs to the cooking tradition of his country that he cannot realize-and with exquisite finesse.
He played within a tradition that's usually called free jazz, and it's worth noting that it is-and already was-a tradition.
Many of the townspeople continued the tradition of farming with the aid of migrant workers, who lived in ramshackle huts.
Their unprecedented diversity and etched patterns provide some of the best evidence yet for a prehistoric artistic tradition.
The concept of implicit memory has a rich, if little-known, tradition.
So the people who would seek confirmation would often have a tradition of descent from the great sage himself.
These early skull-cups were the forerunners of a long tradition of cranial crockery that continues to this day.
But even amid this rigorous cascade of tradition, there is room for change.
Watching this election campaign, one wonders what has happened to that tradition.
It is our tradition that research findings must be made public and replicable.
He transgressed the borderlines of convention but he felt emotionally bound to tradition.
Well, the tradition of giving pretty names to ugly things is as old as warfare.
It even had a tradition of handing out environmental awards.
The list of new interrogation techniques turned its back on this tradition.
He has also made a break from tradition in his approach to raising a family.

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