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Algorithmic trading is emerging as an important new tool, but human traders will only use it when appropriate.
Amid the increasing frequency of insider trading phenomena, an alternative approach should be considered.
True, increased financial trading might make prices more volatile, though the evidence is weak.
They come at little cost as neither country is home to much trading.
Insider-trading charges have affected many acclaimed managers.
The second is that any gains from the strategy will be dissipated in higher trading costs.
People consider trading sacred values for money so morally reprehensible that they recoil at such proposals.
Cap and trade will help all farmers bring more clean renewable energy to the grid with the help of emissions trading.
It works pretty well yet, though at a much wider range, in what is known today as algorithmic trading.
New hybrid locomotives are designed to do even better, trading on the same technologies found in today's hybrid automobiles.
But actually trying to make a living at ticket-trading is more complicated.
For years colleges have gone far beyond any legal requirements to limit online file trading and to mount education campaigns.
Stories are rampant about administrators' illegally renting out office space and professors' trading bribes for grades.
The broth is thin but complex, trading in the richness of lots of ramen broths for a clean, clear flavor.
Twenty-four hours later she was on-set for her first photo shoot, trading scrubs and a stethoscope for silk and stilettos.
The fuzzy outcomes predicted depend on a global trading scheme in place.
Have fun and add to your wardrobe by trading clothing with a friend.
Grain represents the trading currency for water in the same way that oil is a trading currency for energy.
Trading cards may be best known as a popular form of entertainment.
The upshot is that there is a lot of energy on a trading floor.
Given the awesome correlating powers of today's stock trading computers, the idea may not be as far-fetched as you think.
Mysterious and possibly nefarious trading algorithms are operating every minute of every day in the nation's stock exchanges.
Goldman still has more of a traditional investment bank structure, and it has a huge trading presence.
But much client trading involves taking balance sheet positions and then holding them.
The dogma is true for professional traders trading stocks in a stock market.
When it comes to emissions trading, nobody agrees on how to allocate permits.
Two thousand years ago, it was the capital of a powerful trading empire.
Fortunes made in trading start-up company stocks, and lost in the next market crash.
Around this time, the global spice trading industry was booming.
His trade voyages united three continents and established the first global trading network.
It's interesting that the debt-crisis talks are happening concurrently with baseball's trading deadline.
They are trading their consciences for a player to be named later.
In the intervening two or three weeks, there would be plenty of negotiating and horse-trading.
She's trading it in for a much, much smaller dwelling-a sixteen-thousand-five-hundred-square-foot condo-in another part of town.
Every now and then, he would peek through the window and survey the scene in the trading room.
It's a network of shady arms trading, and in your inflamed bowels, it happens at an unprecedented level.
By trading genes, bacteria can gain new powers in a single bound, including both offensive and defensive abilities.
The trading function of these forts at the end of the roman period is likely unimportant as the economy had collapsed.
In the countryside they sometimes are engaged in farm labor, but more usually in horse trading.
Remember it's a trade off, you are essentially trading the side effects of depression for the side effects of medication.
Previous research has shown a connection between day traders' testosterone levels and their success on the trading floor.
There's a slippery slope here, trading off explanatory power for triviality.
Visitors began trading clues and theories about who might have killed her.
The family gathers around the fire and talks, trading stories while sitting on hewn-timber benches.
Yet the top of the trading heap, as if from some parallel universe, had reaped astronomically.
By contrast, they are using complex trading mechanisms to harvest all that they possibly can from the market.
They became consumed with trading personal invective, hurling expletives, and trashing one another in print.
Some initial research into trader slang reveals that much of the trading-floor tongue does indeed sound uncouth.
For the past year, market watchers have had a growing unease about something called high-frequency trading.
He has dramatically lowered borrowing and shut down the firm's proprietary trading desk.
Fees will clearly vary depending on the size of the fund as well as the fund manager's trading activity.
It is the longest sentence to be imposed for insider trading in history.
Trading commodity futures and options is not for everyone.

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