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In my company, the largest part of our marketing budget goes to exhibiting at trade shows.
Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates.
In world trade, such parallels are especially chilling.
World trade is no longer collapsing and fears of rampant protectionism have not been realised.
To trade tenure for short-term contracts will turn the world of the university into a retail marketplace.
Then he went to trade school so he could work in the heating and air-conditioning industry, which led him to his current job.
Some users request the teacher's manuals for textbooks, and in some cases, the site lists those for trade as well.
Our education system also has a critical role to play when our workers lose their jobs because of trade.
So, as with any outlawed or heavily regulated resource, a bustling underground trade has formed.
But both are under growing threat from livestock farmers, trophy hunters and both the legal and illegal trade in wildlife species.
To increase trade, many countries have created free trade agreements with other countries.
My fellow citizens, trade statistics indicate that this country is in a state of unexampled prosperity.
Cities made leagues and alliances as trade increased, and small cities put themselves under the protection of great ones.
We at present enjoy a free trade throughout our extensive and expanding country such as the world has never witnessed.
Lower cost is the number one factor responsible for its anticipated growth, but there are trade-offs as well.
All the cap and trade approach does is postpone the huge rate increases that will be imposed down the line.
He was largely self-taught, far from home, trying to learn the surveyor's trade.
But it also poses a quandary, pitting our need for security against the ideal of an open society and free trade.
The fashion trade once valued the great egret's plumes.
Some really beautiful specimens have disappeared into private collections through this fossil trade here.
Some economists are beginning to doubt the benefits of free trade.
We tend to lump trade policies into either of two categories: free trade or protectionism.
So far, fair trade has not been a focus of discussions about sustainability.
Most people think the biggest threat to globalization is mounting economic nationalism and trade protectionism.
In trade publishing, a platform is the same, but it's a prestigious brand.
In part, this is because it's the job of traders to trade.
Retailers are undeniably good at the tricks of their trade.
Since there is a limited amount of space on city streets, trade-offs have to be made.
The police believed that many of the killings involved gangs and were related to the drug trade.
He was a set designer for theatrical and trade shows.
But materials and technologies are likely to take years to develop, and existing alternatives come with trade-offs.
The world field is being leveled and elevated by trade and external investments.
They lose a whole lot of money if the long-term fundamentals were not aligned with that trade.
Diesel engines tend to be more efficient than gasoline, but the trade-off is that they are usually more polluting.
Maybe some always-on service can trade hours-long startups to faster data queries, but that won't fly for home use.
The results are not entirely encouraging the trade off between the accuracy of the recommendations and privacy is always apparent.
So there's also a trade-off that needs to be made between all the users and that's harder to manage.
For me, the sensible answer was: don't trade in either one.
Almost every other designer's stock-in-trade is that special frisson of the new.
The sun rises late and sets early, and even during the day there is little to do but trade tales.
The conventional wisdom of the moment stresses the risks of action on any of these fronts: fiscal, monetary, or trade.
We borrowed from countries that were running persistent trade surpluses.
These days, finance flows far more freely across national borders than trade.
Our dollar is weak, our deficit frightening, our trade balance alarming.
Scroll down for news on our trade promotion partners and for explanation of the different types of trade events.
Trade data can help companies identify the best countries to target their exporting efforts.
Until recently this furniture was only available to her clients and the trade.
Serves only certified fair-trade organic coffee that's been roasted in small batches for better flavor.
Trade fragile-looking or matching tableware for an inviting, eclectic mix.
The lively debate over whether cap-and-trade really does much to fight global warming.
If you can't grow enough food, make computer chips and trade for food.
When it comes to trade, chimps are far from venture capitalists.
My inclination is to question the development and maturity of trade routes.
Then there are the tools of the proctologist's trade.
These investigations will tell us more about the intestinal genetic trade that has surely played a big role in our evolution.
Villagers typically are multilingual or speak a lingua franca that enables them to trade or marry into a neighboring clan.
Some of the violence can be directly linked to the marijuana trade.
The great recession hasn't been great for free trade.

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