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Wet wrinkling may serve a purpose: better grip and traction.
The idea didn't gain much traction among board members.
Such systems would be operated electronically, so they would also provide traction control.
Their sharp claws and the fur on the bottoms of their feet give them traction on the slippery surface.
It took two decades or more for global warming to gain any serious traction.
Expensive sports cars with traction control systems invariably have a switch to turn it off.
Ideas around counter-cyclical charges and minimum liquidity buffers have traction.
The fur gives them better traction on ice, while the claws are excellent weapons for hunting.
Concerns about the corn syrup have begun to gain traction.
He was a prominent carriage and automobile manufacturer and besides had extensive traction interests.
If you're not getting any traction on the tt job, find something outside of academe.
At the moment, the economic argument has special traction.
These shoes offer excellent traction on the stone and clean out well when the clay is soft.
Because the whole idea is to give a certain philosophy some traction.
Another tricky hurdle is accounting for variable traction and terrain.
Although each of those claims can be proved wrong, they have gained traction anyway.
The euro area's economy is struggling to gain traction.
Along the outsole you'll find a high grip traction profile that holds well on damp and dry surfaces.
Even as electric vehicles gain traction with consumers, the price of solar panels is falling precipitously.
The idea is not new, but so far such services have not gained much traction.
The recommended treatment was six weeks in traction.
But lap times in my own car do not improve when traction control is turned off.
If these unexpectedly one-sided results are officially confirmed, a protest campaign could gain traction.
The flight stroke might have given an animal increased traction on steep inclines.
It's a silly insult, but one that seems to be gaining some traction.
Part of the reason this kind of tax has gained traction is its apparent popularity among economists.
VW says it's similar to traction control but doesn't limit the engine's power output.
Without their blessing, no protest movement is likely to gain traction.
The traction is best there, so drivers try to follow the same line.
With software monitoring each wheel, stability and traction control can also be built-in.
Yet the view that poker is indeed a game of skill is gaining traction.
Of the millions of arrests made each year across the country, only a tiny traction result in convictions at trial.
There is a finite amount of traction available at any given time.
These are models that use those rubber fingertip protectors as traction.
The wheels of change need a proper foundation before they are able to gather traction.
Haters might get a bit more traction with the gripe that official stores still don't carry every track ever recorded.
The dinosaurs can debate the security whilst the new ideas grasp and gain traction.
Using skins on his skis for traction, the forester and ski guide climbs a peak only to ski back down it.
The easy-to-clean artificial surface offered traction for the bony and cartilaginous-shelled reptiles.
Since then the idea that dogs can detect the early stages of cancer has gained traction in peer-reviewed literature.
Currently the electric vehicle is the only part of your equation that actually seems to be gaining some traction.
Also, there would be no need to worry about traction on the surface, so it could be smooth and shiny and more efficient as well.
Others have been around, but didn't receive any traction until a few months ago.
But producers thought he was perfect for the anthology genre, which was still struggling to gain traction with audiences.
The government requires that every tire have its tread life, temperature, and traction rating molded into its sidewall.
Both the bed and daybed a rigged for traction and so that she could work lying down.
So maybe a proposal this creative can finally get some traction.
Habitable planets gain press traction, as they should, but unfortunately so do spurious detections of habitable planets.
Dimensional and compelling, but with enough traction to allow us to project our own values, and own interpretations onto them.
Global warming theory has lost traction simply because it has been shown to be false.
Even if he finds a way, there will need to be some uncomfortable rethinking before his ideas can gain traction.
Look for a full slate of features, from anti-lock braking and traction control to air conditioning and leather.
Think of it as play for market traction, only backwards.
Special tread on the pads provides traction on almost any surface.
But monetary policy never was able to get any traction.
Concerns voiced by some within the administration find no traction.
Silica, sprayed under the wheels to give them traction.
It has built a network of data centres, and is starting to gain traction after losing billions developing online services.
Monetary policy gains traction in a liquidity trap by raising expected inflation.
Upper and lower traction bars were added and are necessary to tame any wheel hop.
It relies on trendy traction control for some of its effectiveness.
Meanwhile, other storage devices are gaining traction, too.
It seems to get less traction as people hear me talk.
Should the effort collapse, regaining political traction would be nigh impossible any time soon, if ever.
Stability and traction control ensure proper manners under all conditions.
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