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It may be temporary or permanent, and can result from a variety of problems in the urinary tract.
But these probes are clunky and need a wide tract to move through.
Chlorine, the active ingredient in conventional laundry bleach, can spur an allergic reaction or irritate your respiratory tract.
Your digestive tract is home to about a trillion bacteria.
It also acts as a diuretic and can be a urinary tract irritant.
Consider uterine fibroids, which are benign tumors of the reproductive tract.
The armies of microbes in your digestive tract are so essential to survival that you're a super-organism, a new study says.
Car-centered living and ubiquitous tract housing, on the other hand, look more and more absurd.
The cloud would outline your skin, delineate your lungs, trace your digestive tract.
The mutineers were found in possession of copies of a political tract he had composed.
Today, it's the largest surviving single tract of mangroves in the world.
You're going to need to restore the helpful organisms in your digestive tract.
Take the vast triangular tract of land at the south of the map.
His report found that there was no evidence of heat injury to the dog's respiratory tract.
They found that the viruses connected to particular types of sugar found on the surface of upper respiratory tract cells.
It has gold and the country's largest tract of arable land.
Tiny snails can travel through a bird's digestive tract and mysteriously emerge perfectly healthy, a new study says.
Urinary tract closure is life-threatening within hours.
It lives inside the respiratory tract of three quarters of the human population.
Both bird and human flu viruses infect people by attaching themselves to cells in the respiratory tract.
Ayres lobbied for conservation of a larger tract of rain forest.
The fur of otters and seals are also coated, and oil entering the digestive tract of animals may damage their organs.
Still parts of the digestive tract and gross, but different.
Have the monitoring team devise methods for monitoring the status of the species on a tract of land in your community.
It seems no more likely to me than that it will alter the mechanisms of our digestive tract.
Tract houses on prim lanes have been built over the original pasture.
The goal of treatment is to relieve the blockage, which will allow urine to drain from the urinary tract.
Many mammals have enzymes in their digestive tract that detoxify plants that would otherwise be harmful.
The particles can go deep into the respiratory tract and from there into the blood stream, and cause heart attacks and cancer.
They are now working on detecting bacteria responsible for common urinary-tract infections.
The tube is lined by entoderm from which the epithelial lining of the respiratory tract is developed.
The third is of such as take too high a strain at the first, and are magnanimous more than tract of years can uphold.
Afterward a urinary-tract infection put his life in jeopardy.
Pandas get sick easily, mainly for digestive-tract reasons.
These houses are as upscale as possible for tract homes.
He viewed the region both as a barbarous source of potential riches and as a huge tract in pressing need of civilization.
On the other hand, he lives in a suburban-style tract house that is impeccably neat except for the room in which he works.
Your digestive tract churns, you can't keep your food down, and you feel exhausted.
Flu viruses bind to a sugar on respiratory tract cells called sialic acid, which comes in several shapes.
When salmonella enter the digestive tract, they fare poorly: other bacteria have already established their positions.
Of particular interest is a tract of hairs that are of unique structure.
Inhaling the vapors may irritate the respiratory tract and cause restlessness, tremors, headaches and increased heart rate.
Today tetracycline is used to treat ailments ranging from acne flare-ups to urinary-tract infections.
When you eat the corn, it is combined in your digestive tract with oxygen that you have inhaled.
His book has all the charm of an enthusiast's tract-along with the inevitable omissions, distortions, and exaggerations.
The work could complement other efforts to reconstruct speech using muscle movements in the vocal tract, lips and tongue.
The lion's share live in the intestinal tract, where they help to fend off bad bacteria and aid in digestion.
At the optic chiasm half the impulses enter each optic tract, and so travel to both hemispheres.

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