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It had been in his mind for years, and his thoughts had centred on it and wandered out from it, tracking its mystery.
Some of the puzzles, such as tracking the position of a reward under a cup, involved only physical skills.
Mate pioneered the development of satellite-monitored radio telemetry for tracking marine mammals, especially whales.
Unless certain agencies could use twitter as a tracking system, there is no real significance to much of this information.
Some parents are already outraged by the imagined spectre of tracking.
They also need to think ahead by tracking prices, as well as volumes, of all wildlife species at risk.
Leveraging resources including project tracking and reporting tools to accomplish project goals.
Student progress toward completion may also be measured by tracking how many students reach certain credit milestones.
It would also require better tracking of student and teacher performance on a variety of measures, the report says.
Scientists have identified the brain region involved in tracking the spatial relationships between tones in a piece of music.
Let's cut all the funds for volcano monitoring, and leave that practice and hurricane tracking to the private sector.
The results are uploaded to a national database, which allows real-time tracking of the infection clusters in an outbreak.
She fixes her gaze on the watch, tracking its pendular motion with her eyes.
But it is the first to succeed without requiring the user or the patient to wear any sort of tracking device.
Investigators are studying malaria survivors and tracking many other leads in efforts to develop vaccines.
Tracking such systems may indicate where large amounts of heat are being released.
Scientists said tracking these climate changes can help officials anticipate and plan for surges in illnesses.
He peers at a large, monochromatic radar console, tracking the movement of tiny tagged blips moving slowly across the screen.
It's an attention effect: tracking a thing and seeing a thing are different.
As with any tracking poll, the trend is what matters.
Tracking down old friends, after all, can be pleasant.
Also tells about police work tracking down criminals.
Local and national news organizations are tracking the storm.
We now have the lowest level of mobility since they began tracking it.
Social media has proven an incredibly effective resource at tracking people down, even those who don't want to be found.
With that in mind, the military needs to establish a formal data system for tracking such relationships.
The question, really, is whether gold should be tracking the dollar and/or money supply at all.
Economists would cite many reasons why presidential terms are an imperfect frame for tracking economic trends.
There have been a few shining moments, including improved scores on national exams tracking math and science knowledge.
These certificates, to give them their proper name, will become vehicles for tracking their possessors' every move online.
And it involves researchers who became obsessed with tracking the virus down.
Technological troubles during my month of self-tracking.
Given the technological nature of these crimes, some unique challenges are involved in tracking down the perpetrators.
The satellite's light detector has two focal plane arrays-one for star tracking and for the transit observations.
The result: easier tracking of difficult-to-find patients and speedier delivery of health care and social services.
Besides the lightweight cheap mirrors, the mounting and tracking is simple and cheap.
New satellite tracking gives a much more accurate read on global air pollution.
But today she blends her interests in health and evolution, tracking mutations in pathogens and their human hosts.
They also implanted radio tracking devices on some of the squid that allowed them to track the animals' movements day and night.
Tracking down the virus's natural host is crucial to halting outbreaks and preventing new ones, he says.
The camera was tracking on the ring, so the stars appear as streaks.
Researchers have gotten a lot better at that over the years as they have gained experience tracking all sorts of satellites.
Three nights of dream tracking yielded dramatic clues.
In the past year, traffic-monitoring services have begun tracking the movements of mobile phones on roadways.
With all the tracking expertise in camp, no one thought to track the intruder.

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