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Example sentences for track record

The movie industry doesn't have the best track record when it comes to race.
There isn't a shred of evidence, no track record of safety or scientific expertise.
Given the track record of malaria vaccines, that's a distinct possibility.
They have proven their track record of disregard for human life.
One can see this by looking at the track record of the world's economies.
Given the commissions' erratic track record, the argument strikes many legal observers as dubious.
Based on that track record, such promises of voting in four years' time carry little weight.
Having a track record, a reputation for reliability is part of it, too.
Their track record has been impressive, and their cutting-edge nature inspires public imagination.
The administration's track record is not impressive.
But the management teams behind the theme parks have a good track record at satisfying customers.
Not a bad track record for a network that runs on processing power donated from computers worldwide.
Particularly when you have a track record of ignoring what has been presented to you.
Older implantable cardiac devices have a solid track record of keeping heart patients alive longer.
Especially considering our country's track record in helping displaced workers get into new types of jobs.
They, collectively, have an almost unbroken track record of failure make up excuses by the truckload for their failings.
The mixed oxide fuel rods that result from reprocessing have a mixed track record for performance.
The government's track record of picking the winning technology is not good.
They do have a proven track record of spending it wisely and staying within budget.
Those advances would be a welcome change from the messy, difficult-to-track record keeping that prevails in health care today.
Obviously, with a bank's better security and track record, money there is so much safer.
Berry took a seat at that conference table with no formal training in finance but a track record in technology.
And with their track record there is plenty of cause for concern.
Proven track record developing and coordinating grants.
The ideal candidate will have post-doctoral experience in an applied area, with a strong track record in research and publication.
Investigators with fresh new ideas and a strong track record of publication are preferred.
Wal-Mart has a horrendous track record with workers' rights and access to health insurance.
And when that happens, time and again, religion has a long track record of being simply and irretrievably wrong.
They lose the next election quite frequently if they do, a track record mentioned at conventions.
Volunteer to write grants for a local charity and establish a track record of having worked with budgets.
And, she and others say, public universities have a poor track record in managing resources for the long term.
Top of the list is the technical expertise and track record to be a credible guardian against inflation.
While the government deserves credit for taking action, its track record is not good.
Supervisors and investors demand a track record of reasonably accurate judgments about credit quality.
Having established a track record for themselves in this way, the engines could then migrate to their intended use on airliners.
Unable to get into established winners, investors are pouring money into managers with no track record but good pedigrees.
Despite his track record, his new ideas have proved as controversial as ever.
Not surprisingly, the group had an impressive track record in the realm of network-television specials.
But given its miserable track record on this case, there's reason for caution about expecting too much.
But as a businessman, he compiled a track record that was decidedly mixed.
Our government has a pretty sorry track record when it comes to dealing with its people honestly.
You're right, of course, that fusion researchers have a miserable track record of meeting their goals.
And that's a far better track record than any other mode of inquiry.
Humans have an extremely poor track record of innovating their way out of resource crisis.
While you're in grad school, establish a track record of productivity by writing papers.
String theory can make many claims about explanatory power, but it has no track record at all in making accurate predictions.
Others note that humans have had a bad track record when it comes to moving species and disrupting environments.
To continue to get grants, you have to have a track record of doing your research well and getting it published.
Science has a good track record at answering the first because it's essentially a cause and effect question.
All sciences have a track record of errors which are in publications.
Research gets considerable backing these days because it has a track record of paying off.
So far he has been in quite a few movies with special effects, and has a fairly good track record at the box office.
Its track record in proscenium theaters remains mixed.
Experienced leader with proven track record of improved outcomes.
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