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Sound is produced when air from the lungs flows through the trachea past the vocal folds and sets them vibrating.
The trachea and bronchi are normally pink and smooth.
When air is inhaled through the nose or mouth, it travels down the trachea to the bronchus, where it first enters the lung.
His trachea and lungs had been scoped for blood or mucus.
The neck is straight, and the trachea is midline and mobile.
The battery had burned a hole in his esophagus and trachea and he required a feeding tube and two months of home nursing care.
Another interesting feature of the fossils is that they have large branching trachea-the harvestmen equivalent to lungs.
As their name suggests, mute swans are usually silent, limited by a straight trachea.
The trachea and bronchi have plexuses in the mucosa and submucosa but the smaller bronchi have only a single layer.
Surgical cuts are made to expose the tough cartilage rings that make up the outer wall of the trachea.
Injuries to the trachea often need to be repaired during surgery.
The epiglottis folds over the trachea when a swallow occurs, to prevent the swallowed substance from being inhaled into the lungs.
For the first time, a patient has been successfully transplanted with an artificial trachea, created from scratch in a lab.
The procedure is done with a bronchoscope, a tube goes into the mouth down the trachea and to the lungs.
In principle, it's easy: all you need to do is slip a hollow plastic tube down the throat and into the windpipe, or trachea.
First, it means that those in need of a trachea transplant don't have to wait for a donor trachea.
The hyoid's job is to hold muscle attachments from the tongue, trachea, and throat in place.
The anesthesiologist sedated her and slipped a breathing tube down the trachea.
Unlike insects, which breathe using tubes called trachea, the springtails breathe directly through their skin.
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