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The article traces the history of bugs being quite a normal part of cuisines around the world.
These texts frequently reach a broader audience and therefore carry with them the traces from the other sorts of texts.
Traces the history of measurement methods since ancient times and describes moves today toward an absolute system of measurement.
One concerned minute traces of weapons grade material found in a centrifuge.
After parturition the uterus returns almost to its former condition, but certain traces of its enlargement remains.
Most of them have a direct unsophisticated note, and some show traces of rude power.
There are no traces of the restraint imposed by a foreign idiom.
In other districts of the south, also, considerable traces of grammatical gender and adjective inflection are found quite late.
Finding traces of pollution in a supposedly pristine mountain brook is sadly no longer surprising.
Anyone walking into a smoker's abode can tell you that the traces of tobacco use don't vanish when a cigarette is extinguished.
Laser light bouncing off the tip records its movements and traces whatever surfaces it encounters, wet or dry.
From modest origins that left few traces, construction gradually progressed to a monumental scale.
The crime scene had shown a horrific act but carried no physical traces at all of the defendants.
But getting traces of birth control and other drugs out of your tap water isn't so easy.
The hair itself is dark and thick and contains chemical traces indicating mainly a seafood diet.
Some fission products were placed in the explosive so that radioactive traces could be measured.
During the past several years, paleontologists have recognized the telltale traces of multiple parasite species.
Some of the old tools even bear traces of the same nuts that modern chimps eat.
Only bones and other rare traces of their existence remain.
If you look closely around the middle of the tail, you can see the traces of soft tissue.
But, for those who know what they are looking for, this specimen bears the traces of ancient interactions between dinosaurs.
On thing is sure, those circles cannot be the haphazard traces of so-called ufos.
The traces of safrole suggested that the same criminals who produced party drugs were now producing fake antimalarials.
Holt's four companions climbed a rocky cliff and searched the water for traces of him.
There are no traces of bulldozers, footprints, or tire tracks.
Traces of predation on glyptodonts are rarely found.
Most of the gold left to mine exists as traces buried in remote and fragile corners of the globe.
Dogs can identify chemical traces in the range of parts per trillion.
The bones, the researchers say, contain traces of the antibiotic tetracycline.
Nearly all traces of the planet as it was have been wiped away.
In one instance, ancient human feces even seem to contain traces of digested human tissue.
If it did, he'd look for traces of human cognitive behavior.
And when traces of such tissues are found, the original organic matter has usually been replaced by minerals during fossilization.
In fact, the aridity helps preserve traces of past activity for centuries.
Through the flakes they made out traces of walls and towers of a large cliff dwelling across the canyon.
When they looked for traces of big predatory dinosaurs, they found none.
The body even sued those who dared to disparage the sport of emperors, which traces its lineage back more than a millennium.
The drugs smelled odd, thanks to traces of chemicals used to treat wood.
And traces of fire are easily wiped out, so the lack of direct evidence for them is no surprise.
She traces them with her fingertips and says they are the result of a disease caused by the local water.
Then aerate what is left with an aquarium bubbler to drive off the last traces of moisture.
The traces are still there: a dark tidemark on the valley's lower slopes, where trees and plants have not yet rooted.
He asked them to perform, in their dreams, a simple action whose neurological traces in a brain scan are well understood.
It traces an arc, not a straight line, as income increases.
Humans leave more traces than you give us credit for.
The traces of our long journey to this juncture can be found all around us.
What is unsettling about this geopolitical map is that the fault it traces could be threatening the stability of all great powers.
His traces and spoor and fingerprints are to be found all over the work of those whom he so strongly mentored.
Large-volume dealers, the report explained, would necessarily experience more traces.
Traces of burnt-yellow iodine and some sort of blue marker stained the outline.
Below is an interesting video about the making of the animation, which traces the forms of actual roller coaster tracks.
Of course, some people are so driven that they will simply work until they drop in the traces.
The match was not even close: the e-nose was unable to recognize either compound in traces less than a few parts per million.
Non-overlapping traces are cheap to make, vias are expensive.
Also, a decent malware writer already tries to avoid spamming detectable instruction traces.
Traces the sordid history of the president's descendants.
The exhibition traces the modernist taste for clean lines and an industrial.
Traces series of gang wars which occurred until, fearing federal intervention, a truce was called.
Traces the origins of the scholarly study of mummies back to the nineteenth century.
Ancient pottery shows traces of a chemical found in cacao.
Recognizing these traces is a craft that only a few scientists have mastered.
But only traces: not many helium atoms get trapped by accident.
The laser traces a hollow circle over this liquid, forming the bottom layer of the cup wall, which fuses with the base.
Traces of this extra bone can often be seen when avian leg bones are studied carefully.
And while fossils of extinct jawless fish provide few details, they too have traces of the same features.
Traces of the germ have also been found in arterial plaque.
Puma navigates and hunts for hydrothermal vents using chemical sniffers and lasers to detect smoke traces.
Conant traces the precise pattern of their influence on state educational policy.
Ever since, the act of writing has demanded interpreting the traces that remain.
The new science of fetal origins traces adult health to our experience in the womb.
The instant you spray it, its physical traces disappear and only the scent remains.
He is polite, with traces of skepticism and weariness.
There were no breakdowns on the defense side or any traces of jubilation on the prosecution side.
He had short salt-and-pepper hair and olive skin, with traces of burn marks on his cheeks.

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