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The flowers were awash in light, the glow radiated from around the stone tracery in the window.
The delicate tracery of a rose-window, in diamonds and platinum, on a field of deepest blue enamel.
Railroads had begun to knit the interior of the nation into an iron tracery of ceaseless, smoke-belching movement.
Her skin was transparent under the sun, revealing a red tracery of veins.
Two pairs of windows as well as terra cotta spandrels with a tracery design are positioned between the pilasters.
The portico's entablature features a frieze with arched cutouts and its tympanum boasts a circular window with floral tracery.
The pediment contains a semi-elliptical window with tracery.
The door is surmounted by a half-round fanlight and is flanked by fluted pilasters and sidelights with delicate tracery-work.
To either side is a gable-roofed dormer with a round-arched window with tracery.
Some of the original tracery, particularly at the entrances, has been removed and the design modified over the years.
The round-arched window with tracery in the face of the tower base is a later feature.
These graceful insects dazzle professional and amateur entomologists alike with their shining colors and delicate wing tracery.
They are surmounted by arched fanlights with delicate tracery.
The door surround consists of a transom and sidelights with tracery.
The gabled roof end on the north elevation has a centered oval window with delicate tracery.
Windows throughout are decorated with rectilinear tracery.
The door, surmounted by a fan transom, has flanking sidelights that feature wooden muntins with delicate tracery patterns.
Fenestration of the tower is completed with a roundel, containing spoke tracery, above the triple window.
The pediment featured a lunette window with spider-web tracery and a prominent keystone.
Wooden buttresses and pointed-arched windows with tracery further characterize this popular architectural style for churches.

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