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And since you can't have safety without accountability, traceable produce makes sense.
All of my other traceable family lines seem to be normal peaceful law abiding and successful people.
His guess is that once people are aware of the issues, they will agree that traceable routes are the evil of all money.
Compelling pictures from a traceable source may also prove to be a double-edged sword for protesters.
Tax shelters will cease to exist because all currency will be traceable.
Perhaps, he surmises, people were not anxious to put their thoughts in traceable writing.
The wages paid to workers do get spent and not always in a way traceable to the stimulus.
What has limited the philanthropic is usually traceable to the intrusion of state mandates and subsidies.
They seem to be traceable quite directly to the way dogs have been bred for the past century.
So the rising prices of beef, pork, and mutton are directly traceable to the decline of our rural population.
Perhaps her thinness and the coarse texture of her skin were traceable to her anomalous bad habit.
However aggregate data is not traceable to you specifically.
Selective, champion breeding means that many fighting dogs come from traceable bloodlines.
Some guns used in crime are traceable and some are not.
Some kinds of energy uses are traceable and others naturally not.
There was hardly an evil the harbor, said the waterfront priests, not directly traceable to the shape-up.
Each measurement set began with a complete traceable mechanical calibration.

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