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Example sentences for toxins

But his nervous system had begun to be affected through the toxins evolved by the bacillus of his disease.
Lionfish flesh isn't poisonous, and heat neutralizes the spines' toxins.
They have found that bees cannot make an enzyme that other insects use to help eliminate toxins from the body.
Levels of some toxins in fish have declined, but others pose new risks.
Industrial pollution has suffused their bodies with heavy metals and toxins.
They quickly developed a shoebox-sized prototype capable of detecting toxins, including ricin and anthrax.
There are other toxins in our world besides vaccines.
These cyborgs are controlled by wireless signals and can deliver toxins to a human body.
The bosses have had no qualms about saturating their towns with toxins and letting the lands that surround their estates go bad.
When they are threatened, the nudibranchs release the toxins into the water around them.
Another way to avoid introducing toxins into your home is to make your own air freshener.
The rubbing causes the stunned, sometimes headless bee to flush its toxins.
It does this by injecting toxins into defense cells such as macrophages that are tasked with detecting bacterial infections.
Cane toad venom is a mix of toxins that primarily affects the functioning of the heart.
Other mammals are known to use toxins that they don't produce themselves.
Manatees struggle for survival as the result of a gantlet of threats, from watercraft strikes to toxins in the water.
Toxins in cigarette smoke accelerate skin-cell aging.
Building materials are expected to be free of toxins, sustainable and energy efficient.
And of late, a fresh concern has emerged: that the wetlands may be brewing toxins.
During fasts, toxins are being circulated in the body in order for our organs to de-arm them.
At the same time, many expectant mothers are perplexed by the toxins conundrum.
As the bacteria grow, they can produce gas in body tissues and produce many different toxins that can damage tissues.
The two known damaged cans were checked and found free of toxins.
If you have eaten toxins from mushrooms or shellfish, you will need medical attention right away.
The abdomen is filled with special solutions that help remove toxins.
Bacteria and the toxins they produce cause the gums to become infected, swollen, and tender.
Botulism may also occur if the bacteria enter open wounds and produce toxins there.
The reason is that a hypervirulent strain has emerged that emits higher levels of toxins than earlier strains.
He attributed his cancer to airborne toxins present at the site.
Seems that dirt doesn't offer much in the way of nutrition-but it may protect against toxins, pathogens and parasites.
To cope with the problem the body encapsulates toxins in fat cells to protect us.
Maybe you even take antioxidant vitamins to help get rid of these unwanted toxins.
These genes allow the ant to metabolize the toxins frequently found in unfamiliar food.
So does exposure to environmental toxins and various pathogens.
Or it has other toxins from the well that they pump from.
Corporations are wasting huge amounts of energy and irresponsibly release toxins into water supplies.
Chemical toxins are released from geothermal plants as well, such as hydrogen fluoride.
They hide on the bottom, detect fish overhead, then emerge to release their toxins.
Free radical molecules, by-products of the body's breakdown of food or environmental toxins, have a spare electron.
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