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The plan of action went well until one day the townspeople woke up and found the horse had died.
The townspeople are skeptical at first but soon bring small offerings: a head of cabbage, a bunch of carrots, a bit of beef.
Her face, so long familiar to the townspeople, showed the marble quietude which they were accustomed to behold there.
He was the first soldier who had come home, and some of the townspeople had driven down to see him arrive in his uniform.
Someone had the idea of bringing in a zydeco band, townspeople showed up to dance and the breakfast took on a life of its own.
Townspeople are divided over what to do about the invasion.
The townspeople sandbagged and worried themselves sick.
Most of the show managed to be present at the game, and quite a few townspeople.
As the street's importance as a public place declined, townspeople ceased to care what happened in it.
But no one from the unit had bothered to ask the townspeople why.
Many of the townspeople continued the tradition of farming with the aid of migrant workers, who lived in ramshackle huts.
The raffle came and went, and the townspeople began to wonder who'd won the bike.
Prices are often too high for many ordinary townspeople.
Most of its townspeople are without power for three days a week.
Townspeople may know more but often do not act on it.
Ufa mayor's office calls on townspeople to look for grammatical errors in the streets.
The pirate situation needs to be controlled not only for fiscal reasons but for long term safety of the townspeople.
The income gap between townspeople and those in the countryside is wide and growing.
It's a lot of pressure to put on one company, and carries way too much risk for the townspeople.
Areas shaded in purple on the maps show townspeople how much open land remains and could still be developed under current zoning.
But for the local townspeople, it's much more than that.
But the townspeople held them back, even to the point of running out of food.
Some townspeople made no effort to hide their hostility.
The local government and the townspeople share the cost of running and maintaining the program.
Outside town, the rider finds all the townspeople working on an oil rig on a small ranch.
Although these events have a positive effect on the family, the local townspeople are threatened by the changes they see.
Townspeople stood in the sweltering heat at grocery stores and community centers, waiting to fill plastic jugs with water.
Then the veterans marched through their home towns, followed by the townspeople to the cemetery.
Then the veterans marched through their home towns followed by the townspeople to the cemetery.
Townspeople were thrilled, not to mention loved ones of those buried there.
There are stories that can be told of the townspeople who were forced to accept outsiders into their tight religious community.
All townspeople may visit, without charge, any conservation area.
No less destructive has been the spread of dissension and enmity among the townspeople.
In fact, it was such a good show that the townspeople asked them to make it a yearly event.
Alone at the lighthouse with no time to warn the townspeople, they began playing their fife and drum loudly.
Townspeople see the gathering as a way to encourage others who have moved away to come back and visit.
So the townspeople took matters into their own hands and have established new businesses through cooperatives they formed.
Ordered to evacuate the city or prepare to face siege, many of the townspeople preferred to remain and share the fate of the army.
Orchards and vineyards were important to the new townspeople.
They were an integral part of a community's social fabric, providing respite for the townspeople as well as the weary traveler.
The railroad helped establish the permanent location of the city and provided work for the townspeople.
Roads and trails in that part of the property are available for use by townspeople.
We are hoping to better serve the townspeople with as up-to-date and accurate information as possible.
These cards are available to students, faculty and local townspeople.
Townspeople's continuous respect for our river has resulted in the preservation of its scenic qualities.
The murals give townspeople a sense of community pride.

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