townsfolk in a sentence

Example sentences for townsfolk

The only survivor was the ships monkey who was hung by the townsfolk.
Townsfolk lined the pavements in silence, in places three or four deep.
His friends now take his heavenly journey in stride, as do the townsfolk who have heard the tale for years now.
The right-wing townsfolk, artsy theater people and visiting hippies come across as the shallowest stereotypes.
Local townsfolk regarded her as a beautiful neighbor and waved.
The town stages an annual festival and townsfolk trek out to carol at its base.
And he begins squiring her for walks along the local lanes, to the chagrin of the nosy townsfolk.
They often entertained the townsfolk with trained animals.
The train coming to town was a major event of that era, and as it rolled out again the townsfolk were left awestruck in its wake.
Find out about what the townsfolk did about it here.
But there is an unspoken dread that the townsfolk have lived with for generations.
The marriage brings not only the disapproval of the townsfolk but of his two married daughters as well.
The aliens are mysterious but apparently harmless, and the townsfolk have resumed their normal lives as much as possible.
When two townsfolk disappear, the songbird's tune hits a sour note.
At the sound of this the townsfolk gathered in the town hail or the open square that served for a market-place.
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