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Example sentences for towering

There was molten chocolate bubbling in vats towering above me, vats so huge that they had ladders running up their sides.
It appears to be the sunniest patch amid the towering trees, warmed by a bit of cement path.
The towering image is an auspicious sign for the half a dozen couples who eagerly wait their turn for a consultation.
We have risen to a towering height at the expense of everything around us.
In time, writers will help us understand some of the people who were taken away by a towering wall of water.
All paths to peace seem momentarily to be blocked by towering obstacles-even the ancient and oft-trodden highway of war.
Each of the arts must face the challenge separately, and no art faces more towering obstacles than poetry.
The valley ended as it began, in a towering wall of rock.
The towering imperial elephants and the burly mastodons trumpeted their approach one to the other.
Cut down the proud towering thoughts that get into you, or see that they be pure as well as high.
Suddenly, there loomed before them towering rock formations unlike any they had ever seen.
As such, it is unquestionably a towering achievement.
And plenty of skepticism and towering financial hurdles remain for all of these monster projects.
The big social-science finding, towering over all others for the last forty years in this country, is rising economic inequality.
Towering bamboo plants block any glimpse of what lies up above.
Researchers keep a careful eye on the towering volcano, for good reason.
The blocks were cemented together in a row that extended back toward the mountain's towering cliff face and pinnacle.
At this moment an army major appears in a towering rage.
Everything works to facilitate this role-playing, including a towering language barrier.
In the trading pits, towering ex-athletes with booming voices had an edge.
Rooks flock to the towering elms, and red and white cows are led in for milking.
The spell the towering redwoods cast on him was permanent.
On the shore, towering silos have been painted red and reclaimed as industrial sculpture.
The door opened and in walked a towering, impressive figure.
Towering evergreen trees, thundering waterfalls and secluded mountain trails make for the perfect romantic getaway destination.
From the country's warm-water beaches to its towering mountains, there is something for every traveler here.
The towering, lost dreaminess at the heart of this magnificent animated film is remarkable.
It has towering cliffs, jagged ridges, and deep valleys.
Giraffes are the world's tallest mammals, thanks to their towering legs and long necks.
The sands sparkle against a backdrop of towering granite boulders, worn by time and weather.
By definition, they dominate their surroundings with towering height.
Visitors can read any piece of manga they fancy from the towering wooden bookcases that line every wall and hallway.
Towering monoliths exist within a vast plateau-and-canyon panorama.
The ecosystem ranges from towering snow-capped peaks to wide-open sage basins.
The falls cascade through a picturesque gorge with old growth white pine and hemlock towering above.

Famous quotes containing the word towering

A falcon, towering in her pride of place, Was by a mousing owl hawked at and killed.... more
Give me the islands of the upper air, all mountains and the towering mountain trees.... more
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