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Cover the pieces of dough with a dry, clean towel while you process each piece to prevent drying.
Finally, place them on top of a paper towel to absorb excess grease.
People hustle to put each animal on a clean towel in a cardboard box that once held bananas.
They then blind them with a spotlight, scoop them up with a large net and cover their heads with a towel to calm them.
The towel needs to be fairly taut across the top of the bowl to prevent it from sagging into the water.
When you attempt to retreat to your towel, you find it has blown away.
Dampen board surface by brushing with water and blotting off excess with a cloth or paper towel.
Use a clean cloth or paper towel to rub down the print as you go.
Dip peaches quickly in hot water, then rub off the fur with a towel.
It would be a foolish riddle if the answer were: a towel.
Lift out of water with skimmer, and remove skin from feet and tail by rubbing with a towel.
Of course, a sufficiently high incentive would boost towel reuse but at prohibitive cost to the hotel.
Then, all the people that fought the transition will throw in the towel and make the switch to the cheaper energy.
Throw in the towel and start digging ditches, or anything productive.
Most humans are not going to wake up one day, throw in the towel and start killing everyone they see as a result of warming.
If you realize you've goofed, rather than throwing in the towel, by all means try to set things straight.
When you are sitting, put your feet on top of a blanket or towel to keep them off the floor.
There is a long section about the various grades of paper towel dispensers versus hot air blowers.
Wrap a damp towel around the base of the bowl to steady it.
Strain the liquid through a paper towel into a small saucepan.
Remove the peppers and wrap them in a kitchen towel, letting them steam for several minutes to loosen the skin.
Let them cool thoroughly on the rack or on a tea towel.
Remove the clay pot from the oven and place on a wooden surface or on folded kitchen towel.
When cooked, set the meatballs on a paper towel or wire rack to drain.
Hold the shank end with a towel with the meaty part of the leg facing up.
He was refilling the towel dispenser in the faculty lounge when he heard of our troubles.
Slide the plastic triangle into the paper towel roll.
To see how water gets polluted, soak a bit of a paper towel in food coloring.
Wad up this paper towel, and place it in the watershed.
Rinse your face with water again and pat dry with a towel to remove the residue.
Fold up one paper towel until it is about the size of the student's hand.
Squeeze out any excess water, and wrap the towel around your head.
The smuggler slowly pulls an object wrapped in a towel from beneath his shirt.
When you get out of the bath, you wrap yourself in a towel.
It is better to dry your hands with a paper towel rather than a dishtowel that could have been previously contaminated.
Drain wings, and then transfer them to a paper towel-lined pan to absorb any extra oil.
Recycled paperboard is processed into more paperboard, paper towel rolls and even paper backing for roof shingles.
The pile should be about as damp as a wrung-out towel.
He took my equipment, wrapped it in a towel and put it in his backpack.
Mark each family member's towel with a safety pin threaded through a different colored bead.
All you need for the beach is a towel and some change for a cold drink.
Stuff lint into an empty cardboard toilet paper or paper towel tube.
Cook prawns in small batches until golden, about two minutes, then transfer to a plate lined with a paper towel.
Mix well with the wire whisk, then cover the bowl with a porous cloth, such as a dish towel.
Wash and rinse the area using a gentle plant-based soap and dry with a clean towel.
Now, consider someone sliding a towel over its surface.
Once at the beach, they sit by your towel or wander into the shallow lagoon to fish.
As you might guess, there isn't a lot of iron in a paper towel.
Hint wiping the blood up with a dry paper towel doesnt cut it, pardon the pun.
Apply more vinegar and wrap it in a vinegar-soaked towel when you go to bed.
Make a fuse out of a small piece of paper towel by twisting it and dipping it in ethanol.
He lunges for a towel and staggers into the hallway as the ship's windmill-sized propeller spins out of the water.
The best-selling item is a cotton tea towel, pink with white polka dots.
After drying off with your cotton towel, you fire up your battery-powered toothbrush.
Wrap hot chestnuts in a kitchen towel and squeeze gently to further loosen shells.
She blanched and stammered and put them in the fridge and shrouded them with a towel.
Squeeze handfuls of zucchini wrapped in a kitchen towel to remove moisture.
Cover stack of phyllo sheets with plastic wrap and a damp kitchen towel.
Cool slightly, then rub off any loose skins in a kitchen towel while nuts are still warm.
Store chopped herbs in the refrigerator, covered with a moist paper towel.
Unroll phyllo and cover stack with plastic wrap and a dampened kitchen towel.
Put a double thickness of paper towel on a work surface and fill a shallow baking pan with warm water.
Scoop it into a fine-mesh sieve-no need to line the sieve with a paper towel-and set it over a bowl.
Stack phyllo sheets on a work surface and cover stack with overlapping sheets of plastic wrap and then a dampened kitchen towel.
Transfer to a paper-towel-lined plate and keep warm, loosely covered with foil.
Surprisingly, folding a towel is a whole lot harder than it might sound.
Transfer jars, one by one, to a kitchen towel-lined cooling area.
Air-conditioned staterooms feature en-suite bathrooms, heated towel racks and handmade bathroom tiles.
Bring your towel and swimsuit or wear them under your clothes.
Bring your beach towel, but don't forget your binoculars.
Whichever type of dolphin swim you decide to do, pack essentials such as a bathing suit and towel.
Rinse the shrimp then dry them will with paper towel.
In this case, it looks as if some bond bulls decided to throw in the towel.
If factories wait until the fifth year to throw in the towel, they will get nothing.
He opens with a statement that gives the impression that he is throwing in the towel.
There is only so much declining growth consumers and job seekers can tolerate before throwing in the towel.
Folding the bath-towel-sized ballot paper will also be tough, and voting will take so long queues will need patience.
Hundreds of thousands threw in the towel and came home because they could no longer survive.
At the beach, the only thing loud should be your towel.
Even during the team introductions, the rivalry erupted at the drop of a towel.
Blot, don't rub, the blade cartridge on a towel or dry washcloth.
The first step is to wrap your bowl of dough in plastic and then in a large terry towel.
The six-time hot dog eating champ has finally thrown in his ketchup and mustard-stained towel.
Next he wraps a dry paper towel around the string and pulls down.
Next he wets the paper towel and repeats the action.
If the rest of the paper towel soaks up water, the wall is too wet.
Use the towel to turn off the faucet and to open the door if needed.
If you have a choice, use a paper towel instead of a cloth to prevent the spread of germs to others who might use the same towel.
Use a rubber mat, non-skid stickers or bath towel on the bottom of the tub.
If possible, use your paper towel to turn off the faucet.
Dry them with a paper towel if possible and then use the paper towel to turn off the faucet and open the door.
All towels used on each patron must be deposited in an enclosed towel receptacle.

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