tourniquet in a sentence

Example sentences for tourniquet

The health care provider wraps a tourniquet or blood pressure cuff around your upper arm.
He started my instruction by putting a tourniquet on my arm and having us look together at my veins.
They accomplish this by opening a neck vein and then applying a tourniquet once they've taken a few pints.
He applied a tourniquet to his wrist and continued to radio for support and direct the operation before being evacuated.
The mainliner also requires a tourniquet of some sort to distend veins.
His friends wrapped a tourniquet around his right thigh and applied pressure to the left while they waited for an ambulance.
Her brother made a tourniquet with a length of electrical wire.
He made a tourniquet from a length of electrical wire.
While the tube stays in place, the needle and tourniquet are removed.
Due to the shape and size of the abdomen, it is difficult to apply a tourniquet or effectively apply external compression.
Tourniquet cuffs are routinely used to stop blood flow in patients' arms or legs during surgery.
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