tourmaline in a sentence

Example sentences for tourmaline

Unique coastal gifts include handmade scrimshaws and jewelry featuring tourmaline, the state gemstone.
Tourmaline seems to have a special place in the hearts of mineral collectors as well as in that of gem and gemstone enthusiasts.
Tourmaline is used as a semiprecious gemstone when found in transparent crystals of red, pink, green or blue color.
Often the composition consists of garnet, tourmaline, and mica.
Tourmaline is a common accessory mineral at several copper mineralized breccia deposits.
Look up the formula for the mineral tourmaline, record it below.
Tourmaline is optically anisotropic, and dark examples do completely absorb the o-ray.
Red mudstone is typically altered to indurated, bluish-gray hornfels with clots or crystals of tourmaline or cordierite.
The highest values are found in tourmaline-bearing veins.
Minerals hidden within the schist may include pyrite, antimony, tourmaline and actinolite.
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