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But, historians and humanists also have a role to play in understanding natural and recreational sites that appeal to tourists.
The city is dominated by tourists in the summer and is rather expensive for a town of its size.
What started out as an alternative transportation means for tourists is proving to be a money-making machine for the company.
There would probably be a huge influx of tourists with money to spend who want to see the new ocean form.
Typhoons and other forms of extreme weather are scaring away tourists and giving large cargo ships reasons to seek other ports.
One volcano interrupting air traffic on which many countries depend to bring tourists on whose revenue they depend.
It is these tourists that cause us harm, the tourists who bear chemical knives.
They have tons of filthy polluting diesel buses driving fat tourists around.
Tourists who came to the island for the weekend would sometimes wander into the research station for a conversation.
No, these are the real thing: convicted of blowing up an airliner and of killing tourists with a bombing campaign at hotels.
They piloted the boats and explained to the tourists the seriousness of the venture, the need for extra donations.
At that time of year, the mountain was full of tourists and friends, but in the summer it was largely depopulated.
It was quiet without the usual throng of browsing tourists.
Several companies are designing novel suits for space tourists.
Maybe you can also see tourists and the concentration of different nationalities in the city.
Who can guess what kind of challenges will be faced by the engineers and tourists that only a human can effortlessly counter.
Tourists click photos, office workers hurry across the cobblestone paths, and everyone is perfectly dry.
Stem cell tourists still have other countries they could flock to for unregulated treatments.
Thousands of tourists had flocked to see it fall, toasting its collapse with beer and cheers.
Those with more open arms will likely be more popular with the tourists.
Public urination is a big problem in my hometown: hordes of drunken tourists, all filled up with nowhere to go.
About a dozen tourists surround her, and more join every minute.
But it sees tourists in busloads, in boatloads, in stadium loads.
Meanwhile, tourists are still welcome to explore the rock art freely, and talks are in progress to build a visitor center.
He said to stay in business these days every restaurant must cater to tourists.
It is a scene of silent desolation-until, that is, tourists in hats and visors pour out of shiny buses.
And, they say, the reservoir will be a magnet for tourists and water sports.
Today's threats come from reckless tourists, opportunistic developers, an indifferent public and the ravages of nature.
With its local merchants frantically ringing up their cash registers as hordes of tourists invaded their environs.
It's not only scientists who are at work: volunteers-locals and even tourists-can sign on to help for a day or a decade.
No doubt it attracts tourists from across the globe unceasingly.
Outside a tiny terminal, a fleet of four-wheel-drive taxis waited to ferry tourists down a newly constructed asphalt road to town.
Thunder was unknowingly working in this tradition, welcoming tourists to see the art and hear the lecture.
Many locals who live in underground homes open them up to tourists for a small entrance fee.
In large part this was why he had relocated his tourists.
If the tourists become more generous, the local beggars don't get richer, they only multiply.
The design is meant fully for people and, what with all the tourists, is full of them.
It was kitschy but the buildings were more or less real and the stores crowded with shoppers and tourists from the provinces.
The paparazzi swarm with their cameras, the tourists swarm with their feet, and a cloud of volcanic ash swarms overhead.
There were a lot of tourists, as always, but also many locals.
Tourists on the beach demanded that the lifeguards take action.
Parisians desert their city, leaving it to the tourists.
Suddenly the idea of tourists stepping out of a bus to admire this monstrous hole doesn't seem so far-fetched.
Lodgings here accommodate a wide range of tourists, from the backpacking ecology lover to pampered resort fans.
Point out that tigers have intrinsic value as well as financial value as a draw for tourists.
As local people develop pride and skill in showing off their locale, tourists get more out of their visit.
Don't eat where the tourists do, but where you see locals.
After a moment of stunned quiet, tourists at the site busily snap pictures with cameras and cell phones.
Most tourists get around by rental car or metered taxi.
Opponents say a unique landscape or seascape is being overshadowed, to the detriment of tourists and residents alike.
Fancy hotels are full of wealthy tourists despite cranking up their room rates.
According to the peasants, the local government has seized their land to build an artificial lake in order to attract tourists.
Tourists could ride luxury carriages to exotic destinations.
Visitors will come from far and wide, either for the games or as tourists afterwards.
Burning churches, and the perceived danger of worsening violence, will unnerve foreign investors and tourists.
Besides providing an export market, it is a source of tourists, investment opportunities and demand for services.
Fewer tourists visited this summer and shipping income is down because of a fall in trade.
Too few people-academics, politicians, artists or tourists-cross the border.
Some argue that the freight is paid by tourists, and so it doesn't cost taxpayers a thing.
Tourists by the planeload come here to visit the birthplace of modern architecture.
With its dazzling lakes and famous rainbow-colored foliage, it's a must for domestic tourists.
Several acres of wooded land were developed to meet the needs of tourists, and gained a nation-wide reputation for excellence.
Roadside diners and drive-ins catered to auto tourists.
The high-flying act of this water-ski school sends tourists soaring.
More tourists means more money spent in our cities and towns across the nation.
Also, many thanks to all of our wetlands tourists and photographers for the hundreds of photo submissions.
Unscrupulous vendors and taxi drivers sometimes pretend to help tourists review their pesos, then trade bad bills for good ones.

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