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Tourism and fishing are being developed on the archipelago.
The economy consists primarily of tourism, subsistence agriculture, and fishing.
Worked in the tourism industry as a translator and greeter helping out-of- town visitors.
If you're in languages and literatures, you could explore educational travel or cultural tourism.
To that end, the city is promoting ecologically friendly tourism.
Of course the tourism industry is going to downplay the effects.
It is estimated to bring the state several billion dollars in tourism every year.
Tourism, at such moments, became another symbol of the regime the protesters were attacking.
Perhaps not destroying it, but changing it, with potential impacts on tourism and fishing industries.
He has led the development of commercial human spaceflight and the space tourism industry since its inception.
Many emerging economies have great potential to boost tourism and win much-needed jobs and foreign currency.
The tourism business is notorious for its somewhat questionable statistics.
In the meantime, the island is counting on tourism to pick up the slack.
It is not clear however that this esteem has increased trade and tourism.
It was a small humiliation for a country set on becoming a global centre for transport, tourism and business.
All this has been underpinned by a prosperous economy based on tourism and financial services.
He promised to balance the budget and diversify the economy, at a time when the growth in tourism seems to be slowing.
Safari lodges are mostly closed, and package tourism on the coast is ruined for the rest of the year.
More tourism within the region may help ease some of the misgivings.
Parks created partly to encourage tourism to the area and globalization contributes to the presence of tourism in these parks.
The tourism industry, some argued, had become too successful.
Access sustainable tourism resources for travelers, residents, and tourism professionals.
Although no environmentalist opposition has arisen to the mining of icebergs, the impact on tourism has yet to be fully gauged.
The city was reborn: tourism increased, restaurants opened on every corner, parks were reclaimed as wonderful public spaces.
My tourism experiences, as a result, were of the smaller variety.
It is a sublimely quiet space, neither spare nor lavish, whose sober charm resists even the treadmill of modern tourism.
Two of them were made government ministers, one of equal opportunity, the other of tourism.
The popular and critical clout of the series did more than boost tourism.
These days, aside from an unmentioned trade in semi-refined cocaine paste, tourism is the economic mainstay of the region.
Areas with heavy tourism and extensive building showed obvious environmental injury.
Not to mention all the tourism and the whole country suffering a non-financial loss.
Tourism is now generally recognized to be one of the largest industries-if not the largest-in the world.

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