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Wobbly grip makes it tough to negotiate tight corners.
The resulting composite is strong, tough, and yet elastic.
As an attractive and sturdy alternative to hardwood flooring, bamboo is tough to beat.
They have extremely strong jaws and wide, flat molars to chew tough vegetation such as tree bark and orchid bulbs.
Many of the decisions that reach the president's desk are tough calls, with strong arguments on both sides.
Along with hardy evergreen conifers, tough deciduous trees and shrubs form the garden's backbone.
The various cartilages are connected to each other and to the bones by a tough fibrous membrane.
Or maybe they need enhanced intelligence to extract food embedded in a tough shell or to collect termites hiding in a mound.
The larva pierces the spider's tough skin and sucks its blood for sustenance.
There have been other tough codes to crack in history.
Skating fosters a kind of athletic sisterhood that's tough to find once you leave high school or college.
Digging clams and lobster fishing makes for a real tough way to make a living.
Your policemen are so tough they can lift a bull by the horns.
But it was also about sending a signal to voters that the government was getting tough.
On the tough side, strict time limits can be applied to benefits.
The result is a material similar to cement, which makes a suitably tough paint.
When it dries, the fly-ash acts as a tough coating, able to withstand the elements in exposed places.
Another problem is the watering down of tough requirements and procedures as new members join.
So multinationals will have some tough decisions to make about these growth plans.
These react with nearby metal atoms and form tough, protective films a few molecules thick to ameliorate the damage.
But the law will be long on good intentions and short on tough measures.
For a while, times will remain tough for mobile-phone companies.
But then, he joked, his job is so tough that it leaves him only one hour a night to nap.
When the market is tough, alumni are invaluable sources of internships, introductions and ultimately jobs.
Sceptics are unlikely to be won over unless the tough talk leads to tough action to curb abuses.
Another possible reason for drafting tough new green policies is that current ones are flopping.
Ethan has to make some decisions affecting his family and some of them are tough ones.
In many ways, its tough to conceive of an idea, much less a business to wrap around it.
It's cheap, tough and almost open-source in its expandability.
When the easy and tough ones appeared with equal frequency, the students found both on the same screen.
The greenback finds itself in tough times these days.
But a new study shows that songbirds' bones are actually pretty tough.
Adults can have a tough time learning a new language.
Mechanically speaking, silk fibers are as tough as steel.
Aced out by other amino acids, tryptophan thereby has a tough time hitching a ride to the brain.
Hidden away, they remain dormant as cysts, surrounding themselves with a tough cell wall.
We did it to inspire the world to turn into the tough problems, not to turn away from them.
Such a diet might be do-able for captive mice and monkeys, but it would be a tough sell for people.
Obviously, it would be tough to code a system that noone can possibly understand.
They are convenient and fast, if expensive and tough to store in some areas.
As a result, some half a billion people are living with vision problems, which make it tough to read and work.
It can be tough to make these distinctions and discern when a new product solves only the problem it created.
However, finding an available office for me was tough going, even for my motivated dean.
And yes, it is a tough call-evaluation by someone else is called for.
Otherwise it might be tough, as they probably have different candidates lined up.
Remember that the job market is tough for everybody.
There is nothing at all wrong with a tough physical regimen.
It's tough at the outset, but the pay goes up fairly regularly and it allows you to actually enjoy your life.
It would have a tough time enforcing a curfew or monitoring who was coming and going from particular residences.
Be grateful if your committee is tough on you during the design and proposal-writing phase.
But perhaps it wouldn't be that tough to use a one-cup-size filter holder.
And he defends having given kids from tough backgrounds a chance to show off their skills for college coaches.
Sure, it's tough-but please, no round-the-world racing.
It handles the rain well, and the tough nylon is durable.
Bacteria in the marsupials' intestines turn the tough leaves into useful chemicals.
Urban-living carrion crows have learned to use road traffic for cracking tough nuts.
The reason for the meat sharing, however, was a mystery-though perhaps not too tough to guess.
Cities can be tough to shoot even for experienced photographers.
The incidence of shark disease is tough to ascertain.
Their meat is fairly tough and not widely eaten, but they are prized as game fish.
These tough animals are solitary, and they need a lot of room to roam.
Such wonderful images make life tough on the judge who has to choose only one.
Trees that grow here have to be tough and resilient.
It's a tough job finding the middle ground, for writers and for researchers.
Times may be tough, but that doesn't mean you have to resort to off-brand booze.
It's all those other, harder, steps afterward that can be tough.
Making restaurant-style pie in the home kitchen can be tough.
Determining whether an industry is in a recession is tough, because there is no such technical definition.
Lin's also shown he's physically and mentally tough.
Soon, he took on the mannerisms of a gangster, and began to act tough and talk out of the corner of his mouth.
Navigating the menu, for the uninitiated, can be tough.
Her prison term was long enough to have taught her, as she says, that she could get into tough situations and manage.
They ate the sprouts of new flowers and the buds of apples and the tough leaves of oak trees and even last year's chaff.
And for the eternal rebel, that's a tough thing to do.
It leaves companies unable to weather tough times, and allows private-equity firms to make money even if things go wrong.
The monthly festival has turned out to be tough to pull off.
Art, swimming, and ornithology were his primary interests at the tough local comprehensive school.
Over the last few years, the positive side of this story has been a tough sell.
Soon skeptics may have a tough time denying that they are onto something big.
As a result, brain problems are tough to diagnose and to treat.
It's a bit tough to see, but it's the oddly wobbly circular shape right in the middle of this photo.
Her speech is at times a little tough to understand.
For the moment, it's not clear why the spider needs such tough silk.
The underlying science is also, frankly, rather tough to explain.
That's a mighty tough question because biologists are only beginning to figure out techniques for finding them.
After all, when conditions are tough, it might make sense to focus on surviving rather than breeding.
Although it is easy to treat, adrenal insufficiency can be tough to diagnose.
In particular, they looked at enamel, the tough covering that caps the teeth of humans and other vertebrates.
It means making tough decisions about opening new offshore areas for oil and gas development.
The resulting powder can be added to a solvent to make inks or added to polymers to make composites such as tough tire rubber.
Even in these tough times, mortgage money is available.
Amid such evangelical furor, it is tough to find pragmatic solutions that reflect the legitimate points on each side.
It's tough to stand out on a newsstand crowded with concept covers and abundant cleavage.
It's the reason he's stuck around so long and been so productive: he's a tough guy.
Food writing can be tough, but it's a breeze next to restaurant reviewing.
When times are tough, the old business adage goes, it's important not to look desperate.
Let's not get all teary-eyed when they do it in a tough, brutal, violent way.

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