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One of the barriers to publishing a story about diamond growers is that almost everyone involved is touchy about secrecy.
Scientists are finding that glaciers and ice sheets are surprisingly touchy.
Biological drugs depend on touchy manufacturing processes.
She became touchy and sarcastic, alienated friends and was soon fired from her job.
However scientists are sometimes, and maybe wrongly so, touchy about priority.
Apparently people are rather touchy about the possibility of increasing their level of happiness.
They can look at her lovely lady lumps, but no touchy the humpy.
People get especially touchy about deficits when they are personally strapped.
Despite attempts by centrist politicians to ignore this touchy topic, it refuses to go away.
But push him a bit, and the fa├žade drops-he gets touchy and defensive, starts snapping.
Touchy situations arise when the printed text differs from all known manuscripts.
Tech companies can sometimes be touchy about letting journalists get their hands on brand-new devices.
It always seems a little touchy asking about salaries prior to the nod.
Depression is touchy because the act of writing is an act of life and optimism.
We were sensitized to the fact that stem cells were going to be touchy territory.
Potentially more touchy for the public, but also more enriching for the animals concerned, is to offer them live prey.
Police robot hands officers advantage in touchy situations.
But holiday gifts that might encourage healthful habits in others are a touchy business.
How well they perform these tasks is a touchy question.
Intended as a temporary fix, these duties soon became a long-term crutch for politically touchy commodities, such as sugar.
Relations between police and civilians in high-crime areas are already touchy.
But ordinary treasures can be more than touchy enough.
Most of them are still far too touchy about sovereignty to agree on any meaningful pooling of it.
Beyond that lie touchy issues of security, privacy and permission.
Ever since, the relationship between commerce, health and cigarettes has been a touchy and a two-faced one.
Unfortunately, while you may want to avoid dealing with a touchy interpersonal problem, it is probably not going to go away.
Come learn some nifty techniques on how to handle touchy subjects, keep order and move through an agenda.
The following are a collection of essays that reflect my personal thinking on some of these potentially touchy subjects.
If it was a touchy police situation, you could catch an elbow every once and awhile.

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