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Example sentences for touchstone

His rational worldview became a touchstone for both supporters and critics.
Because, he responded, this is a common touchstone of human experience.
The essay became a touchstone in the heyday of literary theory, reprinted in a slew of anthologies and cited copiously.
The first virtue, the touchstone of a masculine style, is its use of the active verb and the concrete noun.
Humility is the touchstone which discovers the devil's artifices, in all which a spirit of pride reigns.
But the metal is something of a touchstone on the supply side, too.
Public swimming pools soon became a touchstone of municipal social reform.
Terrifically profitable, the phone became a cultural touchstone.
Hers is the type of art you may cherish as a touchstone of your own private taste.
Hooker wanted his collection to be the touchstone for the world, but he was premature.
Touchstone texts are used to model the importance of adding details to writing.
For art establishes the basic human truth which must serve as the touchstone of our judgment.

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Does it stick in our minds as a touchstone Of learning and la politesse? For while the old place hadn't muc... more
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