touchscreen in a sentence

Example sentences for touchscreen

It doesn't have a touchscreen, so would be no good for music-making applications, for example.
Players swipe their fingers or tap the touchscreen to check out their farms, harvest crops or perform other tasks.
Swatch also made the news this week when the company announced its new touchscreen collection.
Each level features candy suspended in the air by ropes players cut with swipes of the touchscreen.
Each encounter is a straightforward one-on-one brawl, with players using the touchscreen controls to pull off attacks.
It's pressure-sensitive, so users can draw specifics strokes based on how lightly they press the pen against the touchscreen.
Touchscreen devices have invaded thousands upon thousands of homes.
Once the server is loaded, search for albums and create playlists using the touchscreen.
Users do this by adding the items they purchase at the grocery store on a touchscreen or scanning their receipt with a smartphone.
If you are willing to pay for the data go straight to a higher end touchscreen phone.
Apple already blew up user interface design with the mouse and then the touchscreen.
He pulled out the stylus he used to manipulate the touchscreen, and was ready to go.
But flipping it over brings up a touchscreen keyboard so that it could be used to browse the web or send email.
After the card is swiped, the user submits his signature using the touchscreen.
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