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The headline could mean the truism that the brain is used by primates in touching and moving objects.
Recall that the particles in a liquid are touching each other but moving around each other.
Since the particles are bonded together, a sound wave moving one, immediately transfers the motion the one touching it.
Touching testaments to canine, feline, and feathered friends.
To discourage rot, the arbor rests on bricks to keep its wood base from touching the ground.
They have little tabs that keep the pavers from touching one another and therefore create gaps between the pavers.
By touching the spinning bowls with wet fingers he produced chords and complex melodies.
Take another leaf and fold it around the first, with the bottom edge of the second touching the top leaf's middle seam.
The toll-keeper seemed to be also conscious of the touching and pitiful nature of the occasion.
Touching the gray dot opens up a paragraph or so of information about the location.
They were washing their hands after touching others' keyboards.
It was particularly touching to read a letter from the dean to the provost recommending my hire.
Imagine that a stranger sat next to you on the subway and started touching you inappropriately.
And besides, your interviewers aren't going to be touching your legs.
Touching the glacier is encouraged, but you are not permitted to walk where ice is over your head.
As you can see from the video, it came within a few feet of touching its nose to the ground.
Their entire bodies are touching, and they are definitely in the intimate zone.
To exploit the effect, the wires have to be so close as to be almost touching.
In this case, by contrast, touching base means collaborating.
Progress from looking to touching, or even talking, was slow.
Residential building improvements are touching record highs.
The gas must be prevented from touching the reactor's wall by confining it, using a powerful magnetic field.
These vibrating molecules heat up and create a burning sensation, akin to touching a hot light bulb.
The letter can be read easily by touching the right spot on a screen by the display case.
It is also a touching tribute to his partner, who introduced him to crossword puzzles in the first place.
The depth cameras help recognize the objects and the difference between the hand touching the table or hovering over it.
On the screen you'll see a diagram of all the pots' positions, and touching them lets you control temperature and set timers.
But with the true poet everything is terse, touching, or brilliant.
And our spirits rushed together at the touching of the lips.
They accepted the bare word of their predecessors with a touching credulity.
Other fables and figments are among them touching this thing, which are not worthy to be inserted.
The triggerhappy peoples concern about this small risk is really touching.
Jeremy's meniscus is touching the bottom of the graduated cylinder there.
But nothing in space travel is easy, and touching down on an asteroid might be a sight more complicated than a simple rendezvous.
Perhaps the organization is useful in the way that the automatic withdrawal reaction is useful when touching a hot stove.
Well researched article, touching on several aspects of the possible origins of life.
Still simpler is this, which is yet quite sweet and touching.
Touching, working with, and often picking ingredients in the garden gives students a new confidence.
But a touching handful of the notes came from people who took the plea at face value.
Their friendship lives on and dilates in the absurd, meandering, yet touching debates they have with each other.
These people were able to feel hot and cold, sense pressure, and could tell sharp objects touching their skin from blunt ones.
Avoid touching the glossy side before and after printing.
If you look at the walruses in the water, they're always touching each other.
There was something strangely touching about her fingertips.
Arrange folded dough in rows in pans, each nearly touching the other.
Brits are not big on physical contact either, so avoid touching people.
Evidence of repeated, prolonged touching had worn away both paint and actual decoration, at some places down to the substrate.
People have a similar heat-sensitive channel, but it's only activated by painfully hot stimuli, such as touching a hot stove.
Swing your arms forward, touching fingertips at waist level.
Chimps are seen gently touching the body, smelling, and observing.
The two sides were separated by a membrane that prevented the cells from touching.
Every little shadow or object touching me made me start and turn.
Each researcher's interaction with a kit is standardized and videotaped: opening a cage, reaching a hand in, touching the fox.
They're touching things they shouldn't be touching, spilling food, interjecting at all the wrong moments.
Later, hands had to be washed after touching leftovers.
Users can build words by organizing the blocks and touching them together.
Between these two tracks, and nearly touching them, are two silicon rings spaced a fraction of the width of a hair apart.
Nerve impulses traverse the body through a vast system of neurons laid out end to end, not quite touching.
Touching a picture of a light bulb lit up an actual bulb.
Basically, they pick your pocket without ever touching your pocket.
The movie is touching as well as spectacular and funny.
He may go for a long period without touching the wire, then make a crossing of several hundred feet.
They used to play games, but that's stopped now-too much touching.
His nostalgia is touching, but shouldn't affect our policy judgments.
Then everybody put on polyethylene gloves and began touching.
As you poke away, you are aware of what the far end of the stick is touching, not the end you're holding in your hand.
Also, they are so close they are practically touching each other.
Most of our discussion went over that same territory, focusing primarily on inflation but touching on other examples as well.
Space, he continued as he carefully avoided touching the reservoir tip, can be warped to make two points come closer together.
The flywheels would keep you going without touching any part of the automobile.
Large droplets sit on top of the bristles without touching the skin underneath.
Some people called sliders apparently have the ability to turn lights off without touching them.
There was a motion of the hand, as if cooling it down after touching a hot saucepan or shaking off water.
The lengths to which people go to get in are so absurd sometimes that they can be quite touching.
He didn't look any less conspicuous as a result, but his obvious disguise was somewhat touching.
She gets hundreds of e-mails a day, the correspondence ranging from touching to deranged.
Bogart wrote her letters that were touching in their tenderness and vulnerability.
Sometimes they got up and walked around, touching various things.
She knelt down and, touching him gently, tried desperately to console him.
There's something touching about funny people when they drop the comedy and get serious.
When he types with two hands on a table, she stands behind him touching the back of his shoulders.
If you think plants can't tell you're touching them, you may want to think again.
Wash your hands before eating, or touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
Be aware of touching the face, hair, and clothing as well.
Wash your hands warm water and soap before touching cooking utensils and before touching food that will not be cooked.

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