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He rode home, but the singing had so deeply touched his heart, that every day he went out into the forest and listened to it.
Every day, it has touched many and moved them to tears.
All the landers were left behind, the bases remaining where they touched down.
He was also a great storyteller, creating narratives in every medium he touched.
Then parachutes opened and the presents gently touched the ground.
Imagine the uncountable number of people who have been touched in the same way.
He touched some fundamental nerve that still vibrates.
Music videos have evolved creatively and technologically over the years and have touched on nearly every subject-including food.
The upraised spear point almost touched the ceiling.
It touched your soul, it made you laugh and it made you proud.
When libraries began, manuscripts were rarely touched by more than the privileged few.
Our hearts must be touched before our brains kick into thought.
But after fleeing his home with hardly a trace, he never touched the violin again.
He told me of incompetent surgeons with whom he operated who buggered up virtually everything they touched.
We have touched on the social and political consequences of following their advice.
Your message is equally important, too, for those whose lives haven't yet been touched by mental illnesses.
Only a little cupful of winter has touched your lips.
The sun had already gone below the horizon and the west was flaming gold, touched with some horizontal bars of purple and crimson.
She never touched any fare but what was of the coarsest kinds, and drank only water.
Once in bed the animals stir when touched, but they stay in bed.
How an attempt to build an online encyclopedia touched off history's biggest experiment in collaborative knowledge.
He touched his arms and legs, finding them unharmed.
She shut her eyes, reached out her hand, and touched a sleeve.
Anyone who has been touched by such events knows that their effects fade but never really go away.
To this day the valley, though beautiful in its way, seems touched by desolation.
But already it appears to have touched a nerve in the economics profession and beyond.
The narrator's domestic arrangements are often touched upon, as are his everyday encounters with other human beings.
If you touched a part of a gate or touched the side of the course, then you were fined a two second penalty.
When they touched the first number, the other eight turned into white squares.
They have been known to approach boats and people in the water in a seemingly friendly fashion, letting themselves be touched.
Having deftly touched down, the mosquito stabs and saws her way into the fine web of blood vessels in the skin.
She cannot understand how her picture has touched so many.
Really, it's tough to find a corner of space that hasn't been touched by an epic collision.
Both of them have touched so many lives-they will always be remembered by those who were privileged to know them.
Oh, and how can it live if it is touched and it can shatter, water is one of the strongest elements.
We watched on the video while a flexible probe touched and lifted some of the objects.
And in nearly half of those, the driver never touched the brakes.
Indeed, the pay culture that rewards bank bosses for short-term risk-taking has barely been touched.
Spreads on corporate-bond issues and mortgage-backed securities are now close to the size they touched last autumn.
With those words, he touched on a debate that has been heating up for many months.
They started to pay attention when several elections produced interesting material that never touched paper.
As an experimenter, he touched and tasted everything, and once thrust a bodkin in his eye to discover what colours he would see.
It sometimes seems as if the financial crisis has touched every aspect of my time at business school.
But the largest category of hyper investment isn't too often touched upon: transportation.
The few who still dare to speak stress that the brutality towards the monks has touched a deep nerve.
Burning oil rained down from the sky and cooked everything it touched.
Touched-up pieces on the inside include a new steering wheel and different finishes on the instrument cluster and center console.
Being touched or hearing a heartbeat is familiar because they heard it in the womb.
When watching another individual being touched, these people actually feel a touch on the same part of their own body.
The points you have touched here are really interesting and inspiring.
The subjects who thought their putter was touched by greatness drew the hole bigger.
After a single exposure to the spotlight, actin crept toward spots that touched adjacent neurons, but soon receded.
Also known as fracking, the practice has touched off a firestorm of concern over groundwater contamination.
He then thought about what would happen if a negative hemisphere from one balloon touched the positive hemisphere of another.
Many easily available elements such as sodium and fluorine are dangerous if touched, inhaled or allowed to combine with others.
Despite all science's attempts to rise about the irrational and ego, it is still touched by such infallible human elements.
And, unlike capacitive screens, the system only draws power when touched.
Some of the early designs measured the change in electrical resistance or capacitance on a surface when fingers touched it.
The article touched on a few interesting challenges.
There is one exception to my last statement and can be found in the article when it touched on a warmer body radiates heat faster.
Anyone who has ever tried to change a lit light bulb has touched upon the problem with today's lighting technology.
The serpent touched the friendly tusks of the elephant.
He also touched off a historical controversy which rumbles to the present day.
Nim was a smart and engaging chimpanzee that touched everyone who worked with him.
All these different societies were touched by the same event, but each responded to it in its own peculiar way.
In the decades that followed, other researchers occasionally touched on his work.
The doctors had hardly touched her, only briefly placing their hands on her swollen abdomen to gauge its tension.
She was, in effect, quite short: her feet barely touched the ground.
It wants to please more or less as it has been pleased, by the art that touched it in its formative years.
When attacked, a lizard releases its tail either by direct trauma or sometimes before it is even touched.
Every time someone touched her abdomen, she winced, a reaction to the blood irritating her peritoneal lining.
They would be more likely swayed towards a belief if it touched them on an emotional level.
Our subjects were asked to jog behind an experimenter, monitoring how many times the experimenter touched his hat.
When his test subjects touched something with the gloves, they felt an equivalent pressure on their heads.
The colors were opaque and somewhat pale, and the paint dried the instant the brush touched a surface.
It's a subject that has provoked a defensive and sometimes hostile reaction every time we've touched upon it.
Now, if all the cancer patients who touched those beads started were healed, there's your irrefutable miracle.
He reached across the table and touched her cheek with his fingers.
It was essential that the plane never touched the floor.
Or that's not strictly accurate-the meteor, which was an estimated sixty yards across, never actually touched down.
Their souls are great, and they have had the good sense and the courage to consult their souls before their pens touched paper.
Everything that they touched is breathtaking in its beauty and simplicity.
Not that it touched this part of the country, or the property he dealt in.
She was tailoring a dress for her and touched her stomach.
All these different societies were touched by the same event, but each responded to it in its own peculiar way.
And it touched something that hadn't been touched upon yet.
The helicopter's approach scared away birds that had briefly touched down on the marsh's water surface.
Walking around the pens, you got the sense that if you touched anything you might contract a terminal virus yourself.
Everyone is touched by her knowledge, her sensitivity, and her incredible humor.
The fear of the disease and the reality of loss after loss, of course, impacted everyone who was touched by this modern plague.
Its construction, touched with the mysterious luxe of couture, is ingenious.
The miracle of organ donation touched his life twice.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been touched by this tragedy.
He had chosen her as window dressing for the mausoleum he runs, but her strength and grace have touched him.
Then the doctor lightly touched his forceps to the surface of the dog's left eye.
Mullen later admitted he was touched by the pride of the elders and the simplicity of the requests.

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